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It is back to my blog to capture all the memories from one of the biggest milestones in my life.

It has been 76 days since I got engaged, 323 days to the wedding date. Ever since we started wedding planning, forums and blogs have been great sources of reviews on the various wedding vendors. Thus, I strive to contribute back as well, by documenting my journey and capturing all these memories.


After the proposal, strangely enough, one of the top things I wanted to do was to create a wedding hashtag. I wonder if it has to do with my occupation as a marketer - I felt it essential to create somewhat like a brand for ourselves. And looking ahead, I really wanted to see photos which others are uploading of us, and tagging is a way to this.

While I started thinking about this awhile back, it was only until last weekend where inspiration struck and the HTB (aka Husband-to-be, so familiar with forum acronyms these days hah) agreed to it as well.

After researching quite abit from pinterest, and drawing inspiration from married friends, I came to the following conclusion:


1) Your Name, My Name, All Together Now

Most wedding hashtags fall into this category where it is a mix of the bride and groom's first names (e.g., #KristinlovesJustin,#AndyplusKate ) or using the groom's last name (e.g., #MrandMrsSmith, #StephensWedding, #MeetTheKhuns).

Some have a creative take by plugging their names into typical wedding wishes (e.g., #HappilyEverHarrison, #ToHaveAndToHolton) or hit songs or movies which people can easily associate with (e.g., #TimandAnneinWonderland, #TwasaGoodKnight, #ForeverYounge) In fact, there are wedding hashtag generators online which try to come up a creative hashtag based on the couple's names.

However, this didnt work out so well with our names. Tried various combinations but wasn't pleased with any. Also, this option potentially limits usage to just the wedding day.

It is not just the wedding, but also the marriage. I wanted a brand/hashtag where we can use it for other major milestones in our couple life together.

2) Our Common interest, Our Common Lingo

Some wedding hashtags do not incorporate names, but have a hint of your common interests or lingo in there.

For example, since we are having sort of a travel theme wedding, I thought of a few possibilities:


It is all rather long though. And adventure doesnt describe us (or maybe, me) that much. Take flight has a sort of hasty meaning to it too.

Other than interests, there are some which may include common lingo like what my friend, Rachel had with #thisweddingrocksmyboms, with boms being the lingo (or so I infer).

Well, the HTB and I do not have such common language though. So this option was out for us.

3) Random words which are not random

Another possibility is to have a hashtag with seemingly random words. Yet it may represent something close to you. I was initially stuck in a rut trying to think of possible words.

I even went to research on one-syllable and two-syllable words, piecing them together in various combinations to see if anything makes sense.

And then, the Aha! Moment:


I initially spelt out nine, but after sharing with the HTB all the options, he suggested changing it to the number 9 instead. Which works well to shorten it - though I do hope the guests will remember!

The story behind #cloud9wedding:

On Cloud Nine
Meaning: Extremely Happy
Background: With reference to a ten-part classification of clouds in which “nine” was next to the highest
(Source: Oxford Dictionary)

From the day we got together, we were a really happy couple (that is, until initial wedding clashes, but that is another story). There were many moments where we felt that we were on cloud nine - notably when we first got together, a random day where everything felt just right, and when he proposed.

It is also what we strive to be - a happy couple.

Other than extreme happiness, Cloud 9 somewhat alludes to travel as well. What is one typical instance when you are above the clouds? When you are on a plane.

So I really felt that it was a perfect combination for us, and was glad that the HTB liked it too. And it is everlasting - I could use it for future milestones like honeymoon, new house, kids.

And true to my marketing self, I even did up a logo sort of for our wedding:

This was adapted from an image I saw on Pinterest. I believe the inspiration is from a passport stamp in the overall layout, especially how the date was placed.
Need to think where I can use this!! :)

To end off, while it is great that there are wedding hashtag generators in place to provide the convenience, nothing beats brainstorming with a pen and paper while googling for inspiration.And finding that hashtag which really represents the couple!

Just a reminder to check that the hashtag has not been used!


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