Sunday, May 31, 2015

happy birthday welson (:

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to the one whom i met 91 days ago,
and became my #1 63 days earlier, 
the one who was away for 29 days, 
whom i dearly missed so so much,

this is for you <3

The heavens have been really kind to me this year. So much that there wasn't even a need to come to this blog anymore. Somehow this really has evolved into an emo blog where I pour out all my thoughts. 

These days, however, emo is like a word of the past. While there are definitely still times of frustration (work as usual), there is someone to talk to, who will make me think past these frustrations. There are still times when I feel mildly upset (grr, yeah it's work again), but there is now someone to cheer me up. At times when I feel really happy, I can share this joy with someone dear to me. 

And on this day, we celebrate this someone's birthday. his birthday. sadly for him, a very belated one. 

While it is belated, I hope it will still be special, for my special someone. Plans did have to change quite abit, with the switching of dates, and then from dinner till lunch :x So well, initial place which I planned didn't work out (haha, save it for another time :p), first lunch place I planned didn't work either (fully booked for an event haiz)...

but wherever the place, I do think everything will still work out fine. 

because we are together with each other. 

Somehow it all still seems surreal. From the time we first met, to the time at Gardens by the Bay, till now. I feel really happy and lucky to be together with this someone, and really wanted to celebrate a nice birthday with him. Somehow I have always minded/weighted a birthday more than any other occasion - it's a special day where we came into this world, and so deserves to get a little special treat. Though I personally think special doesn't need to be extravagant or obnoxious, it's just something to make one feel special again. 

I thought for a really long time on what to get or do. But I was honestly at a loss for quite awhile. It made me think that I really do need to get to know him more, perhaps to be more inquisitive. It is really not in my nature to ask too much, because I find it invasive sometimes, and rather people share about themselves instead. Perhaps it is time to start thinking differently, so that I can know more, and get something in which he really would want. 

Somehow, the idea of a garden keep striking me, perhaps because of the night at the Supertrees. I really wanted to somehow wrap up that thought into a tangible memory - something that can be seen, to remember us of that day. Since we didn't exactly have a photo from that day (the afternoon one not counted) to remember it by. 

During my random googling (to get inspiration), terrariums popped up. A pretty little indoor garden in a bottle. What if I could put a Supertree look-alike into this bottle? Researched abit more into terrariums and realised that they are somewhat self sufficient and can thrive on its own. A terrarium can go on for weeks or months without needing water, as the water cycle happens within the closed terrarium, where it is constantly recycled. It doesn't really need the sun either - just put it in a bright area with indirect sunlight, like in an office or at a home desk. It doesn't need fertilizer at all, as the plants will get nutrients needed from the soil.

This struck a chord with me on how I think we are. There really isn't a need for constant attention, because I know I am in your mind (and you in my mind). When you are busy with work, I don't really mind that, and will support you instead. There isn't a need to do too much, and our love will still thrive like the tiny plant in the terrarium. I like this whole concept, but I think I will struggle to explain how I wrapped it up into this concept to you. 

And then the Supertrees idea. Well the idea was to get some bubble tree straws, and then twine it with green wire typically used to make flowers. But after doing up the terrarium and realising the lack of space for 2x bubble tea straw diameter, and also the fact that straws are tightly guarded by bubble tea aunty (all the gongcha straws are given now, not for customers to pick), I decided to drop that idea. I was also kind of skeptical over my green hands, this gardening thing is too new to me, and sadly a cactus died on me previously :( 

So the idea of the gift did kind of change, but I do still hope you cherish it. 

And then came the news that you will be in the states on your birthday. I did think whether to still do something then, or just wait for you to come back before celebrating. Inspiration struck after I got the coke cans for my parents. The idea was initially just to get a pair for both you and me, with a photo and a message. Then I decided to do up a special something on your actual birthday instead, something which I have not done before - a video. Thankfully the recording and editing of the video turned out to be not too difficult.

Today, we will be having lunch together to celebrate your birthday. Since you became a recent loyal blog reader, who probably read more posts than anyone else in the world, who shower me with so much attention which sometimes I wonder if I deserve so much, I hope this blogpost will be a nice surprise for you too.

Happy Birthday Welson,
I love you! 


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