Tuesday, May 13, 2014


"Things will get better..."

For close to a year now, I have been deluding myself with that. To encourage myself by seeing the light (?) at the end of the tunnel. Till today, I'm still in that tunnel, in that endless trail. 

Yesterday, I stepped into a sinkhole. All my emotions just came up, wondering what all this is for. At work, I tried to deal with it the best that I can, by just organising myself and just... work. But as night came, the emotions came back together with the wonder of why all this is happening. 

Putting in effort doesn't mean anything; trying your best falls on deaf ears. 

But this morning, I woke up asking myself how can I best deal with this in the short term? Answer is just to to suck it up and finish whatever there is to finish. No point wondering about the unknown future. Even if it means working till late night, working on public holidays (which is today), I will just get it done and see how it goes from there. 

Because if after I have put in the best of my effort and the issues still don't go away, I shall safely say I have done my part, and perhaps the scope is just not manageable for one human in boon lay. 

I shall work.

(Updated: 7pm)


It's time to enjoy the rest of my public holiday now.


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