Saturday, November 09, 2013

Private & Locked

So I happened to check my page stats and saw a surprising number of views on my Reflections post. extremely shocked by how many people have viewed that - I only told a few close friends about it. And it is highly unlikely to appear in a search engine because there are no photos. 

Someone must be sharing it. 

But oh well, like I told shuyi before, it contains my innermost thoughts, but thoughts in which I'm not afraid of others knowing or judging.

I don't like secrecy, privacy settings, or custom lists in Facebook. There are no online secrets - everything can be dug out, everything has a cached. You will not be able to run from it. If I post something and it appears shared or posted elsewhere, I should be prepared for it. 

Though with that said, my only private platform right now is Twitter as I do rant abit on it. Not so much as compared to last time, but I've even taken the effort to delete away certain tweets which I will not want people to know. These days, crypt-ism works best. 

Let's talk in poetry from now on. 


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