Friday, October 18, 2013


"Work is a necessary evil to be avoided." - Mark Twain

Work has been like a whirlwind these days. This is the third year I'm going through the annual planning, and I must say this year is probably the worst of all. Nowadays, I am known to the finance team as the "8 to 8 girl" - and sometimes I even stay later than that. It's sad - not that I cannot work hard, but I don't want my life to revolve around work.

The worst was during this week where I was working till around 10pm each day:

  • 10pm to 1030pm: cab home
  • 1030pm to 1115pm: eat dinner
  • 1115pm to 1145pm: bathe
  • 1145pm to 1215am: browse social media and other sites
  • 1230am: sleep
  • 0545am: wake up, go to work, and the cycle repeats

Probably doesn't sound as bad as a banker or accountant, or whatever other occupation. But it's just sad. Of course, it didn't help that I was in a sort of confused period at that time over, well,  yeah. 

Sometimes I wonder whether I like what I do. I think I still sort of do, despite all the hiccups at work. Which job doesn't have ups and downs anyway? What keeps me going at work is always the colleagues. Everyone is just really nice with no office politics. The part of the day which I always look forward to is lunch. I will only lunch in if I really really really cannot help it (aka busy until wanna die mode). 

If only our office was better located. I think I am used to travelling such long distances, but it really does take a toll on me at times. And if we were better located, at least we will have food within walking distance should we need a short tea break from work.

Perhaps I need a car.

I must be crazy.
Sign of exhaustion.

And I've to wake up extra early to plan trees tomorrow.


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