Sunday, October 27, 2013

fly away

"Spread your wings and fly away"

so another of my friend is flying away for work - and it is a local contract, so there is actually no definite date that she will be back. Definitely happy for her that she gets this opportunity; but at the same time, I'll really miss her too :( It's not that we meet up very often, but well, I know that she will be there if I need her. And she is my one and only exercise/hiking buddy too, my inspiration whenever it comes to working out.

No doubt there is technology to always keep us in contact, but it really matters whether one is by your side or not. In fact, I only have one friend whom I've kept a pretty good LDR with. Though I will say that is slightly different as she has an end date to come back, which is like in two months' time. It is just a matter of time that they fade away - though the good thing is that whenever you have a chance to meet, you can still catch up like old times, as if no time has past :) 

I must put in more efforts to maintain all these LDRs - these are friendships that I will not want to lose. Looking back, perhaps I should have done more to keep more of other friendships. But as each moves on in their lives, it feels that friends get filtered to those few that you always meet - those whom you somehow don't feel like you have to make alot of effort to maintain. 

On a separate note, another friend is looking to come back from HK and I hope she really manages to do so! 


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