Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm in a slump.

Somehow ever since I started work, I have no motivation to blog. Everyday, I'd just go home, drown myself with variety shows (Running Man and Infinity Challenge!) before going off to bed. I don't do anything - when there's lots more 'productive' stuff which I could do:

1) Plan for my trips

I used to enjoy researching and planning - I still do like to do so! Just that somehow it has taken a back seat for now. I'm not sure why too...

2) Packing my wardrobe

Something that my mum would love for me to do. And I do think it's something I need to do too - because it's getting increasingly difficult to find stuff so I keep wearing the same old stuff.

3) Practise Korean

I have been going for Korean lessons but I haven been practising. If I put in more effort, I am quite sure I will be able to do pretty well in it, despite the overwhelming grammer now. It isnt making much sense for me to spend so much $$ on lessons and not getting anything into my head.

4) Blogging

This is especially so for my travel blog. I feel like I am forgetting alot from my past experiences - which may provide useful tips for others or even for myself in the future.

5) Exercise

I actually picked up exercising, but then stopped because of olympics. It's time to pick it up again. In November, it will be 1 year with Amore and I doubt I even went 10 times. When I should have already gone for 52 times (i.e., once a week)

In short, I dunno what I am doing with my life now. I am not necessarily unhappy, but I think I am in sort of a slump.

I need to pull myself out of this, and live life more fruitfully.


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