Friday, April 20, 2012

Keep Calm and Embrace Change

April has been a month full of changes. 

The first change commenced at the beginning of the month - a change in which went relatively unnoticed until a certain attachment was sent out. And only to the people whom I told, or are following me on Twitter. It's a change which I welcome, a change which I did hope that I would get. A change which would probably hold me back for awhile.

The next change came in terms of my lifestyle. I've always been a pig on weekends, waking up at 11am or so just to catch up on sleep debt. But things changed after jj and I began our weekly walking/trekking sessions. On the first week, we went to Bukit Timah Hill and then had a nice brunch at Cafe Epicurious. On the second week, we went to Macritchie and walked for 3.5 hours. On this third week, jj is sadly overseas, but I will still continue exercising.  I also went for a run recently but somehow I fell sick after that and couldn't continue my regime. This is a much needed change. I somehow need to squeeze in more time for Amore too - I haven't been there for ages and I just keep paying! Amore is probably one of my biggest regret - I should have signed up for some aerobics cc class instead because I'll definitely attend weekly! And well, I have a gym at home which I could always utilize.
This week, we were notified of an upcoming big change, something which would impact me directly as I may be 'orphaned' for awhile. The change didn't come as a shocker, but the countdown to this change is kind of startling. This is a change which I really need to brace myself for - good thing there are other people who have offered their help (much appreciated, dulcie & vic!) and also other people whom I can rely on for help. I guess it's a challenge and will also be an opportunity for me to prove myself. I just need to gather more confidence and to speak better to convey my thoughts. 

Another change which has been on-going since a year back is my ability to become even more soft spoken than before, except to a few of my really close friends. It's like I've gone back to my pre-secondary school stage where I didn't speak that much, but was thankfully still included in the group. I'm not sure why I've hermit-ified...perhaps I just don't find that we are of the same frequency, or can't find something in which I can really engage others in conversation with. I don't know. 

After re-reading this entry, it seems as though this is more suitable to be placed in my  more private and emo livejournal, but oh well, with my lack of update these days, this has somehow become kind of a ghost town.

For now, I shall just keep calm and embrace the change.


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