Sunday, March 04, 2012

lovin' all the exciting weekends :)

It's a double edged sword having exciting weekends. On one hand, I love going out and meeting my friends. At least that makes me feel that I've a life outside Jalan Boon Lay. On the other hand, it's quite tiring to go out, and I don't have time to do work over the weekends. 

The latter should not be of a worry to me. However these days, once I do not work on weekends, my weekdays are dead. I'll have to end up staying late just to finish all those work. And yes, work is piling up yet again, till the point where I have to ask people for extended deadlines. 

And people who know me should know, I am not inefficient. So the fact that I can't even handle it, I don't see how others can.

Anyway work aside, this is supposed to be a happy post :)

The busy weekends first started on 11th Feb with my Grandma's 80th birthday. It was a mega affair much like a grand wedding. 16 tables, performance items, video montage. It was a lot of preparation and work for us, but I'm glad everything turned out well. And my grandma was super happy with everything.

The ballroom at Yunnan Gardens (NTU Alumni Club)
Both of us, decked out in GOLD
The grandchildren's performance
Glad that my grandma was very happy

Then I met up with the Cedar Percussion'04 for dim sum at Mouth Restaurant and KTV the next day. I was extremely tired, but still somehow managed to drag myself out of bed to meet them at Chinatown. 

At Mouth Restaurant - Julia and Wanqi, we miss you!
KTV at Tendollarktv

The following week, I met up with old friends from VJC 05S46 since waiyip was back. Didn't take any photos though. We had dessert at Robert Timms, and it was really too much for one to finish a dessert on her own. Way too sweet! 

On Sunday, I met up with waiyip again, this time with the VJC percussion people like Mervyn, Jonathan and Teresa. Got suaned like mad yet again. We had lunch at Mad for Garlic. This was the first time that I tried (after much recommendations from Charles), and it really rocks! I should blog about it one day, it's really awesome! 

Went to Eugene's house at night because it was his birthday. Bought him Strawberry Passion cake from Coldstone Creamery. 

On 25th Feb, I finally got to watch Wicked the Musical with Shuyi! The musical was really great, though I wished we had better seats! I thought first row circle would be good since we won't be blocked by anyone. Well, yeah we were not blocked by people, but we were blocked by this railing. So we either had to sit at the edge to watch the show, or just lean back and see it through the gaps. HAIZ.

Go watch it if you haven't! And don't take Row A Circle seats!

The next day, I met up with charles, mich and huiyan for a day out in Sentosa! I was quite excited though, I haven't been to Sentosa in the longest time. Not RWS, but like siloso beach! We did go to the Malaysian Food Street at RWS for lunch first before heading to the beach. The food was not impressive, only the chendol was nice. The rest were just blah. Sadly, after one game of Monopoly Deal, it started raining and we had to head back to RWS again. Had dessert at the Festive Hotel, acting like we were taitais.

And these exciting weekends lasted even till March! Met up with Cedar Percussion again to go for Cedar Fiesta 2012! I wished we had such fiestas back in my time! It would have been so fun selling stuff with 2N or 4H! Though I'd think it'll be much more fun with 2N :p I really miss the times that we had in Cedar... I wish I was 16 all over again! 

The famous 'eye' which is supposed to capture the entire building in it to ward off all evil

I love these badges! I got the black, white and light green one! :)
I bullied a young girl to take this photo again for us, cos the first one was blah :p oops
I wish I was back in Cedar :(

So this sums up these 4 weekends. Hopefully my next few weekends will be as exciting. Well, it'll definitely be, because I'll be heading to HANOI on 24th! :) 

HOLIDAY YEAHHHHH! I can't wait! :)


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