Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Important is Work?

Of course it's important; if you're saying that work is not important...well, you rich bastard. Many people are probably dying for your job, if you find that it's not important, how about giving it to someone else who needs it more?

Okay, actually it's just because I'm jealous

After working for 9 months, I do think that the best job ever is to be a tai tai, and then I can travel the world! Or to work without pressure and more for passion. 

But work is definitely not the most important. What about family? What about health? Would you sacrifice that for work? I don't get how people can work all day, even when they are coughing their lungs out, but yet still have to drag themselves to work because "it is due today". I don't get how people can work all day and not see their family and friends for long periods of time just because "there's so much work to do!"

Though this could be a personal issue on priorities, I do think the organization plays a part in the formation of such mentalities too. Not all organizations are compassionate. Not all organizations are understanding. Why? Because the stakeholders are not. They didn't infuse it into the company culture. They probably infused a "my organisation must make money - work till you die" culture into the company. 

I can't imagine how people can think this way. Are they humans?! Don't they have any sympathy or empathy? It's worse if one appears to be sympathetic, yet still demands work to be done. Isn't that kind of two-faced?

And this post is ending abruptly because I need to attend this conference call.



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