Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meeting up with old friends

met up with some VJ people at Robert Timms yesterday. I haven't seen them much actually, since they normally always go for mahjong or drinking sessions, both of which I won't go. In fact I think I only went for mahjong at wy's house once...because they didn't stay till so late, and I think I was just being rebellious that night.

Though I was teased endlessly from my flower to my jacket to jfoo, I do somehow still enjoy their company. Those are whackable topics (I hope wy kanna lots of bruises from me :p), but it's not totally awkward or annoying to me. It has been 4 years since I last saw jfoo, but I don't feel extra awkward around him.

I do wish we meet more often. Though Cedar was probably the best time in my school life, but VJ was the one which I had the most fun because of my increased freedom. In Cedar, I could only go out when there were half-days from school (think: NDP celebrations, CCA celebrations, etc.) where I get to enjoy a movie in town with my friends. Other than that, I wasn't allowed to go out at all, unless my friends come over for projects. Quite sad, eh? Then in VJ, I started going out almost everyday, especially during the first 3 months. In fact, I ate so much outside food that I fell sick after that.

Those were good times, really good times. Though I wish to go back to those carefree schooling days, but that will all just be a dream. 

And nothing but a dream.


  1. fujing12:10 PM

    haha somehow i think u enjoyed the flower and sailormoon, and yep we can do this monthly since the big boss is visting sunny island on a monthly basis!

    1. haha i'm sure i enjoyed it. but it wasn't as bad as today when i meet him. today was much worse.

      and yes, we're gonna meet in March too, with debbie right!


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