Thursday, February 16, 2012

After 4 Months Hiatus


It has been 4 months since I last blogged. 

And I'm ready to revive it again. Else when I get dementia next time and I read my blog again to refresh all these memories, there will be this 4 months blank where I can't recall what I was doing at this point in time.

These past four months, I've been busy travelling (I went to Korea in October 2011), busy going out sometimes, busy with my Grandma's 80th video montage (for the past few weeks), and mostly...busy with work. 

Work is taking a huge part of my life now. I supposed that's kind of duh since I'm a working adult now.  However, working has made me realise that I don't really want to work. All those (childish?) independent career woman thoughts when I was younger have vanished a little. 

What I want is to travel the world. 

Away from problems at work,
Away from massively long meetings,
Away from potential conflicts at work, 
Away from daily long commutes to work,
Away from nights of OT-ing or conference calls,

Away from it all.

Well, I still manage some work life balance though, because I'm strongly against OT. I do try to finish all my work on the dot, or I'd rather come extra early (read: 6:00am) to finish up my work and leave on time. I've also tried to stop reading emails when I am out of office, though sometimes it is really difficult because there are some things which are just...urgent. Kind of ironic typing that when I'm having my work com on next to me. *sigh* These few days have been really busy.

I would rather be planning for my upcoming trips. In fact, I am putting together a budget proposal for a trip to Korea for my mummy's approval. I'd really much rather do that. I don't even mind losing sleep to do all these research. Because this is something that I really like.

However, after painting all my rainbows and pink clouds in the sky, I sink back to earth (or perhaps drown in the sea) and know that this is not possible without a job. Travelling is expensive, no matter how budget I try to go (though I refrain from hostels these days, I need to enjoy abit ya know). Thinking about it in this way, it actually seems quite sad to be working just for money. 

I need to find my motivation for work again. 
I need to find something which will give me a sense of accomplishment.

Sad stuff about work aside, I'm hoping to update my travelblog on my trip to Korea in the weeks to come. So that next time when I'm old and useless, I can read back on all my trips again. After updating on that, perhaps if I can find the time, there's still my 30 Days China Trip, Langkawi, and Trips in Europe during Exchange Programme to conquer.

That would be a massive project.
But a project that I love.


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