Saturday, October 15, 2011

Harajuku Street Style 2011

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Harajaku Street Style at TANGS Orchard is back!

Went for the opening on 7 October 2011 at STYLESPACE on 4 at TANGS with Nuffnang G+. Since the event was also open to public, there was really alot of people! Good thing I was kinda early, and could browse around without having to "excuse-me" my way through.

I was there at 6.30pm, and there was actually a queue for vouchers! Apparently the first 10 in the queue got $100 in vouchers. Hence, I walked away since I wasn't the first 10. I didn't realise that the next 90 people in the queue will get a $10 voucher too!

Oh wells!

And as with almost every event, I met a new friend there:

This is Michelle, who has just joined Nuffnang recently. I didn't realise she was Miss Singapore Universe 2011's runner up! Oops, my bad. I didn't really follow this year's MSU. In fact, I stopped following since it was off-air. We met as I was registering with Amanda from Nuffnang, so we walked around together after that, talking about random stuff.

We met this cameraman who was looking for contestants for "Kawaii of the World" - where the first prize winner will walk on the runway in March 2012 for "Tokyo Girls Collection". Apparently that's one of the most popular fashion shows in Japan! Well, even though I participated kinda in the filming and took the contest form, I highly doubt I would submit it. Me? Runway? I sometimes trip while walking ya know -.-

Harajuku Street Style featured brands such as rosebullet, Ciaopanic, BEAMS, mystic, URBAN RESEARCh and many more. I think my favourite would be rosebullet. It is girly and flirty, much like the Liz Lisa style and looks featured in Vivi magazine.

After all that browsing around, the fashion show finally started when VJ Utt came on stage. He introduced celebrity blogger Rei Shito from Japan and street fashion photographer James Bent.

Here are some photos of outfits from the runway show which I liked:

It was really hard to take photos...eveyrone was like trying to inch towards the runway. And I couldn't take photos of them up close because I wasn't using a prime lens. Arghhh. Well, at least not all the photos came out blurry.

Other than the models, there were also 4 bloggers who walked the runway, namely Xiaxue, Qiuqiu, Cheesie and TypicalBen. I managed to get shots of them... all except typicalben. Not being sexist or what, but it was just too fast, and everyone kept blocking!

Extremely blur pictures :( Midway through the fashion show, I finally met up with Thiang who came later because of work.

I really like her bag and her outfit! And so did James Bent (the street fashion photographer), and many other photographers! I believe she will be on the next issue of Nth magazine. I didn't know Nth magazine was free till Thiang told me about it!
After the event, we went for dinner at this porridge place at Paragon. I forgot what it was called, but I like the green tea there! :) It was nice to just catch up. Tweeted that night about how it's amazing and cherishable to find one of somewhat similar wavelength in an absolutely random group of people :)
Well, that event was great and all, but I did feel slightly un-wowed by it. My impression of Harajuku was something daring and unique, and to some extent, perhaps somewhat crazy. The outfits shown were kind of toned down, didn't have the oomph-ed factor! (okay, perhaps I have been watching too much Project Runway, I just want to be wow-ed!).
My impression of Harajuku is something like this:

But I guess it was toned down so that Singaporeans will be more comfortable with them. So go to TANGS Orchard and check out Harajuku Street Style now! :)

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