Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Month at Work

Finally an update after neglecting my blog for almost 3 months. I was overseas the whole of June, and only updated my travelblog, though I have still yet to update it with photos. In fact, I logged into Blogger feeling stunned by the change in layout! Ugh, I need some time to get used to this...

Anyway, if you are on my Facebook, you should probably know that I am currently working at Kraft Foods Singapore as a Management Trainee in the Marketing Department.

Work has been pretty okay so far. It started off pretty slowly because we needed to familiarise ourselves with the business and the products before actually doing the work. The past two weeks have been kind of crazy, because it was the start of the planning process and there were so many things to rush! But I'd rather be busy than to have nothing to do.

Oh btw, if you do not know, the office is located in BOON LAY. Yes, I know, I get that same look from anyone whom I mention the word BOON LAY too. It is really far for me...I take about 1hr 20mins to get to work. Though if I drive, it only takes 30 mins max. Argh. Moreover, I chose to work from 8 to 5, which means, I wake up extremely early every day. I don't really mind...except that I need to psycho myself to sleep earlier. Before my face rots.

I am glad I am not the only new fresh grad new hire at Kraft. There's Huiyi, who is a fellow management trainee. Surprisingly, she's from NUS Business specialising in Marketing too, and I have never seen her until 1st July when we started work! There's also Eunice, who is the marketing exec, who has already worked for two years at her previous company. Because there were three of us, and our boss, Allan, is a male, haha, we were thereafter nicknamed "Charlie's Angels".

I am currently handling Oreo. I am sure everyone knows what is that. So...BUY MORE OREOS OKAY! I will let you know when there's promotion. And don't buy from Valu$ if you are my friend. I'll smack you. Hahahaha :p Oh, it's best if you make more Oreo Cheesecake. So buy Oreo and Philidelphia Cheese (also from Kraft), thanks.

On the first day, we sat through lots of inductions from the various departments. It was kind of information overload. Especially during the introduction. I could barely remember anyone's names! But I think the best thing about Day 1 was the "Welcome Pack" which we received :p

I gave quite alot to my extended family. So there are lots in which I have never eaten before! I really like TNCC though. Fruit Salad is AWESOME :)

During mid-July, we also had a company bowling event, where we were randomly grouped up. So of course, the three of us were split up. I don't mind though, I think it is good to know more people. I learnt it the hard way in NUS I guess...where I didn't know much people... And because we had temporary seats for the first 3 weeks, I got to know people in the CS dept, such as Janis who was my neighbour :)

Huiyi, Eunice, Me
with Joyline who drove us there...and was also in my team :) she's a pro bowler!
with two other team mates: stacey and...okay, i apologise, i forgot her name, because it's a chinese name :s

At Jurong Superbowl. I didn't know Jurong had a bowling centre. Like I mean, it's JURONG. where birds do not lay eggs...

I bowled quite badly as compared to last time in JC. Haven't bowled in a very long while! And I didn't know bowling is so expensive these days. I mean, it was expensive previously, but now, it is CRAZY EXPENSIVE.

But the best thing about the event was...

The GOODIE BAG. Hahaha...yeah. But it's abit troublesome if you were going out after that. Too many things to carry!! And as usual, I gave away most of it to my family.

Honestly, I don't snack alot. In fact, I don't snack at all, except for potato chips. I am extremely lazy to go to the fridge just to take food. So I rather not eat at all. But then again, now with my work desk filled with food, it is abit hard to resist since it is within arm distance...

Despite work having started, I still had time to go out with my friends. Which I really like! I think I kinda have work-life balance :) And because I end work at 5, by the time I reach town, it will be around 6pm, just nice to meet people for dinner or movies! AWESOME!

And hopefully, this balance continues. So, date me pple :)


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