Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nuffnang Movie Contest: Pirates of the Carribean - On Stranger Tides

We first knew about Pirates of the Carribean in The Curse of the Dead Pearl (2003). After a three year drought, Dead Man's Chest (2006) dawned upon us. We didn't have long to wait after that, where At World's End debut on May 2007, yet again, another box office hit.

And after a four year period,

the fourth film of the series is finally here - Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides

Finally, we get to see Captain Jack Sparrow in action today! Somehow, I feel like Johnny Depp has totally morphed into Captain Jack Sparrow, especially in Alice in the Wonderland. I felt like he was totally Captain Jack Sparrow with a Mad Hatter face!

This time, he meets Angelica (played by Penelope Cruz), a woman from his past. Both are in search of the Fountain of Youth in this adventure. This time, aside from possessed zombies, he has to overcome mermaids too, in order to reach this Fountain.

To stand a chance to win tickets to the gala premiere, head over to and complete the "All Abord" contest on Quee Anne's Revenge! There are also games on the Fb page, such as Pirate Yourself, Battle Galleons or Skull Creator.

I played the Pirate Yourself game, and here's how I look!

Okay, from this app, I can tell that moustaches are really a no-no for me (._. haha). You get to choose hats, facial hairs, jewellery, makeup, and accessories when you Pirate Yourself. Go check it out!

I can't wait to watch Pirates of the Carribean!! :)

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