Thursday, May 12, 2011

The New Criteria

Met up with Elyn, Evadne and Dots last week because Dots came back over the weekend for her friend's wedding. It was great catching up! I think we meet like once a year, or sometimes even less! We talked about almost everything under the sun!

But the highlight was: FINDING THE ONE.

Do you vaguely remember the criteria list that Elyn and I came up with in 2005? You can read our crazy, immature criteria here.

But 6 years has passed since we came up with that criteria. In this 6 years, we have matured after being through a few relationships.

And thus presenting...


(in no order of importance)

Disclaimer: it gets abit more ridiculous as it goes on, cos...well, we love fairytales :)

1) must be humorous
2) must not have moustache (tracy)

3) must be taller than us in heels

Small inside joke:

Evadne: "must not be taller than 108 can already"
The rest: "HAHAHAHAHA!!"

well, good luck

4) must be willing to drive around
5) must look older and be older than us
6) cannot be gu niang, tofu or beefcake

Okay, I have a slight bias towards 2AM's Jo Kwon. I think it is because of my Adam Couple obsession. But... I love his abs. He is not overly muscular, the slim sort (i like!).

Take a look at these pictures!


Okay, it is fine if you don't have abs. Just don't be too flabby :p

7) must look fit (refers to above picture)
8) must have a career
9) cannot be boring
10) must know how to strike a convi
11) must be sociable
12) must be able to cook (elyn, evadne, dotz)

13) must be willing to spend $$ on me (elyn)
14) must not be too mcp but also have his stand
15) cannot be mummy's boy but must have filial piety
16) cannot be balding

17) cannot have long hair (elyn: it is okay if he has style)
18) must not be a music idiot or tone deaf
19) must be able to sing to elyn
20) evadne: must play piano or drums
21) tracy: must not have piercings
22) must have dress sense
23) age gap must be 10 years or less (tracy: 5 years)
24) must not be younger
25) tracy: must be a singaporean chinese
26) evadne: korean, jap, singaporean
27) must like to travel and travel w me

28) cannot be arrogant or yayapapaya
29) must be able to strike intelligent convis
30) must like and want children
31) marry before 30
32) can have arguments, but accommodate me in the end
33) cannot be over-possessive
34) must not be a house husband
35) must not be scared of insects
36) no smoking, no alcoholism, no gambling addiction
37) no maggie mee hair

38) must be full of ideas (proposed by elyn...)
39) must have a surprise at least once a month (elyn)
40) must be romantic at times
41) can enter the kitchen, can exit to the living room
42) cannot be insecure

Since we couldn't think of anymore criteria, we decided to move on to brainstorming on more stuff. I think this part...well, for me, I think I exaggerated, I don't need that much. It's just...a dream.

And as you can see, we are pretty detailed ;)

Pre-Wedding Plans

Elyn - disneyland america
Tracy - maldives
Dotz & Evadne - anywhere is fine

Wedding dress:
Tracy - long train, off shoulder, simple
Elyn - princessy, elegant, tiara
Dotz - cannot be pong pong one, no corset, off shoulder, spag strap, taylor swift Lovestory style
Evadne - want corset style

Wedding ring:
Elyn - tiffany for proposal, cartier for marriage (all 1 carot and above)
Dotz, Evadne, Tracy: aiyah, whatever la :p

Wedding Plans

Elyn, Dots, Tracy: Small one, venue should be out of ROM
Evadne: more specifically, beach
Wedding dinner:
Evadne - shangri la, ritz carlton, big yacht
Tracy - ritz carlton
Elyn - fullerton, royal carribean can already
Dotz - anywhere is fine

And we decided that we will have a yearly review on this criteria. Perhaps to lower our expectations and slowly strike off.

Perhaps by the time we are 30, we will just have one criteria left:


I hope this day never comes. NEVER.

So now that you know my criteria, could all you nice people help me find that missing jigsaw puzzle in my life?

I will be eternally grateful to you.

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  1. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I like the 'tiffany for proposal, cartier for marriage '. HAHA. I didnt decide on that. But DB once mentioned. so I kept tt in mind.. now he say my expectation v high. HAHAHA!

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    you didn't mention how rich you need the guy to be :P


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