Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Year of Madness

As you may have known from my Facebook...

Like finally...I finally can GET BACK MY LIFE!!

To sum up my thesis journey:

1 year of madness
2 days where I did not sleep at all
3 bottles of BRANDS chicken's essence
4 types of experiments done
5 sessions of subject pool conducted
6 cans of Redbull downed
7 days of extension (though I only used 4)
8 pple who helped me judge students' creativity
9 sets of drafts done
10 mins madness during submission

Thanks to everyone who have helped me in one way or another, or even simply to give me the encouragement and motivation that I need to carry on. Honestly, I wanted to give up a few times because I felt so stressed over it, but I am glad I didn't. It isn't like me to give up anyway. I couldn't include everyone into my one page of acknowledgements, but here are some people that I wish to thank:

The last 10mins before the submission for the undergraduate paper competition (on 8th April) was total madness. The script was due at 5pm and I edited all the way till 430pm!! I hoped I edited correctly though, because it was really rushed and I had problems with the computer. After printing, I was still wondering about binding...end up, I merely clipped it (my prof's instructions) and then ran all the way down to the corporate development office to hand it in. I was super worried that they will make noise about the lack of binding, but everything turned out alright, thank goodness!

Over the weekends, I was still able to read through and make some minor edits as my actual thesis submission was on 12th April, a 7 day extension! But I am glad I got it done much earlier, because binding takes some time too! Good thing I had a Monday to do the binding at Queensway before submission on Tuesday. Thesis binding cost me S$45 in total, because mummy had a 5% discount since she knew the vendor at Ultra Supplies. Hard binding is crazy though; if you wish to collect it in less than 24 hours it cost S$50! So I made an extra trip down to collect it 24 hours later, because the cost is almost halved to S$28!

It was seriously a year of madness; in fact, the madness escalated 1 week before the competition deadline. I had a super bad bout of SUAYNESS! I really felt like the most unlucky person on Earth...

What happened?

1) My laptop screen spoilt!!!
2) The 3-5 days service time extended to 2-3 wks because of additional problems
3) and on a completely unrelated note, this company sent me an email for an interview but I didn't receive and thus missed the slot!!

I really felt like shit for those days. Like what did I do to deserve this? I have always been very hardworking, why isn't my hardwork recognised???

I nearly cried when my laptop just white screened. The NUS IT COOP wasn't much of a help. And the person beside me when it happened was totally unfeeling. I mean, if your friend beside you just had a laptop that crashed, do you just say that u dunno what to do and go back to looking at your own laptop???

Worse thing was we used to be more than friends...
But then again, you acted the same way when my old laptop crashed...

But well, it was not all that bad...

1) daniel helped me retrieve a few files and uncle peter lent me a laptop
2) somehow the service time got reduced and I managed to get back my laptop a few days befor submission
3) I went for a walk-in interview instead. Though I was completely unprepared, I managed to get into the second round, and eventually got the job.

Hopefully things are turning for the better. Even my mummy said she needs to get a good luck charm for me to ward off all these bad luck! 

This year of madness can also be reflected in the state of my study room (yup, I migrated to my study room instead of mugging in my own room...). Wherever it is possible to stack papers, I will stack them there. Even the piano was not spared!


Worst still was my desktop - it was crazy! filled with many research papers, and in fact, I already cleared my desktop a few times! Clear as in create some folder and dragged everything in just to make more space. It's crazy thinking how many research papers I have actually read just to complete this thesis. Out of which, I think 70% which I read wasn't used in the final copy of the thesis.

Though thesis has ended, I must constantly remind myself that I still have 1 exam left. Though I just need to study 'just enough'...but I know I will still try to do my best.


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  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Congrats seow!! (: Your submitted docs look so organised! I didnt know can thank MUMMMY in the report. hahaha but yeah, it's over! I have like... until friday. HAHAHA.

  2. Anonymous5:10 AM

    oh, that unfeeling person, heck him larh.


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