Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nuffnang: Yun Nam Contest

I have always had long hair, save for when I was a baby and in Primary 4. I love having long hair, I somehow find a sense of confidence when I have long hair. And I feel that it makes me look pretty la. Like duh right, why would I want a hairstyle which makes me look horrible?

My hair at its longest. It was almost past my butt! But, despite the apparent "lushiousness" which people seem to infer from this photograph, I suffer dreadful hair loss. Perhaps it is not that obvious because I don't really see a bald patch yet. But I drop ALOT of hair each day.

This is just after one brush! Argh. As you can expect, after I fully comb my hair, there is this whole spiderweb of hairstrands. Perhaps if I collect all of the strands for a month, I can make a wig out of it. SERIOUSLY not kidding you!

Look at these pictures!

I will never experience the "boyfriend runs fingers through girlfriend's hair lovingly" scenario. Because one run through and he will see many strands of hair on his hand. UGH. abit NOT ROMANTIC YEAH! :(

Haiz. And I have really frizzy hair too. I know rebonding helps, but after awhile, it just frizzes out again! I just think my hair is really "weak" in the sense that it is super brittle! Machiam glass eh, touch only it will break!

Other than that, I have a really oily scalp which sometimes leads to dandruff. Horrible max. Really unsightly when I am out and sometimes spot some white flakes near my scalp. But I guess it has significantly improved from when I was younger.

So my main concern is my brittle hair. Me wants luscious, healthy hair. pleaseeee? :(

Signing off, There are always solutions with Yun Nam


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