Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Student Interviews & Surveys

Who to interview?

I dislike projects where I am required to interview someone. It is not about the lack of confidence or what not when conducting the interview, but it is really difficult to SECURE an interview with some high flyer industry professional. Because most cannot be bothered!

So how? Connections lor...sian max.

This was the first time I asked my parents for help. They are not high fliers or what not, but they did try to best to contact their friends, friends' friends, etc. I really appreciate what they did, though I felt my daddy got abitttt over-enthusiastic with it, asking me about it everytime I pop up on MSN. In the end, I asked my ex-dhl colleague xin lin for help. I haven contacted her for a super long time, but I am so glad that she helped! :)

Next time when I go out to work, I will do my own CIP. I will do one or two student interviews every month. Good right? I can't possibly do ALL interviews, but at least I can help some (esp if they are from my alma matar, I practise favourtism this way, sorry NTU and SMU :p). Hopefully what I do may spur my colleagues to do the same too. Because they should have experienced such difficulties last time, so they should know how it feels...

But I don't think many people cares. Take surveys for example. Many people put survey links on Facebook - do you participate in them? If you have put a survey link on fb, and then some random person put a link you participate in their survey?

I do all surveys on fb if I fit the criteria for it. They don't need to be of surveys of close friends - I do all survey links which appear on my newsfeed. Because I know how hard it is to generate ample responses. I realised this ever since my group conducted focus group in Year 3 and it was so hard to get people!! Ever since then, I almost never ever turn down surveys, even roadside surveys. I mean, they are just doing their job right? If my 1min can help them, why not?? But if they get too pushy, then that is another story...

I do not expect a reward for doing these surveys. But many people do. Look at all the prizes which NUS are providing...ipads, ipod nanos...etc. What is so difficult about sparing a few minutes to help them??

(With that said, I was quite annoyed with a recent NUS survey which claims I will not take more than 10mins to finish, but I took more than 30mins, wth???)

Look at the subject pools...previously the reward was course credits. But many students couldn't give a damn. So now, profs and thesis students have to offer monetary rewards instead. Haiz. But even then, students do not care. Some thinks that the monetary rewards are fake. And some still give me rubbish answers...

Can't they stop and think for a second: "what if this is MY OWN survey?" How will they feel if they receive nonsense or insults? Even though last time I do not do all surveys that I encounter, I definitely do those few surveys properly...

These people...I hope that no one will do their surveys, subject pools or focus groups. Perhaps they just have to learn it the hard way.

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