Friday, March 04, 2011

Recruitment Talks

I have been attending recruitment talks since last year, though I am attending more now as it is 40+ days to end of semester! And I am still without a job! *sigh*

Job hunting is really tiring. The time spent to apply, think of essays, go through assessment centres, etc. And when you are rejected, it is really a sucky feeling. It is like your ROI is zero, or even negative! Of course others will say that each application and each interview is an experience which I can learn from. But when you are time strapped, it is really difficult to think so positively.

Of all the recruitment talks that I have gone for, some have been good, some have been not so good. What do I mean by not good?

A Good Recruitment Talk
- Entertaining
- Allows the audience to feel the passion of the staff
- Allows the audience to feel the staff bonding
- Gives brief overview of company
- Focuses more on the graduate programme
- Sharing session of past recruits
- Brings the relevant dept or even the ceo down, not just HR

I think #2 and #3 are hard to achieve, but I have been through 2 talks which I definitely experienced it. As the years past, I have re-evaluated what I look for in a job. Previously, my top priority was always money/salary. But I think money is not everything, and that I should do something I like instead. Like if I had wanted money, I'd have aimed to do finance. Here is the new list of what I look for when job hunting:

1) Pleasant office culture
2) Career advancement
3) Training
4) Opportunities to be involved in real work right from the start
5) Overseas opportunities
6) Staff benefits (eg. Compensation, leave, medical benefits)

By 1), I am not saying that everyone must be nice. But the general vibe of the company should not be of one that is stuck up and bitchy. You can feel it when you step into an office. Within 5 minutes, you can probably have a pretty good impression of it. Because if the management is of a pleasant attitude, the workers will be too.

Of course this is not to say that salary is not important. It is definitely important, especially when everything is getting more expensive now. It should be at least reasonable. Else how will I support my family?!

With that much said, I am not so bothered about my criteria now. Please just OFFER me some job first!! No no, please just call me up for an INTERVIEW first! I promise I will work really hard...just HIRE ME PLS! :(

*words of a desperate girl*

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