Saturday, March 12, 2011

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 3

Yay, time for my favourite episode...MAKEOVERS! :D

It is super amusing whenever the models cry, especially when the makeover really helped them to look really stunning and high fashion. Of course, tyra doesn't always get it right. Sometimes the makeovers are a DISASTER! And no doubt, this Cycle's worst makeover award has to go to Molly's. It was really painful to watch that woman sew that disgusting weave into her head. And she's such a pretty girl! But I think she handled the situation really well. She did complain of course, but she didn't act all diva and wail and moan like, ahem, Alexandria. 

My favourite makeover has to be Brittani's. I don't usually like short hair but this haircut really brought an edge to her! Superrr high fashion, massive loves!


Hate that diva attitude of hers!
erm, yucks?
can't stand her voice!
Poor molly and her DREADFUL makeover!
This sexychick is kinda getting on my nerves...
She's gonna be eliminated soon, confirm!

This week's photoshoot was a couture photoshoot. I love the extravagant dresses! But it's something meant to be seen, but not worn. I LOVE HANNAH & MOLLY! I think they really rocked the shoot, and I love Hannah's dress with that gloves. Super edgy! I should try something like that one day, dress with tough leather gloves... please don't stare at me on the streets, thanks.

They had to shoot in groups, and the challenge was to outshine the other person:

Brittani & Hannah. LOVE BOTH OF THEM! But Hannah really stood out for me
Dayla, Jacyln, Dominique (eew!!!)
Kasia & Molly. Not a great pic, but Molly rocks!
Mikaela & Sara. This has got to be the worst photo ever!
Monique & Alexandria

Callout is as follows:

1) Alexandria
2) Molly
3) Brittani
4) Kasia
5) Jacyln
6) Hannah
7) Monique
8) Dayla
9) Mikaela
10) Sara
Eliminated: DOMINIQUE

YES, SHE IS FINALLY OUT! There is seriously nothing modelly about her, and I feel so eew whenever I look at her! Alexandria got best picture because she upstaged Monique in the photo. But she is still a bitch, and Molly should have been called first! 

Actually, this cycle is really disappointing. Hell, did anyone not see Ann Ward in Cycle 15? I think Vogue should be super happy that Tyra discovered this gem who will definitely make it in high fashion (perhaps not so much for runways though). There is NO ONE here who photographs as well as Ann nor is as high fashion. 



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