Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day with Natalie


I celebrated Valentine's Day with Natalie this year! :) YAY! *Muacks*

I have never thought much about Vday - I think it is a pure waste of money. If I were to have a date, I wouldn't mind celebrating it earlier or later, so as to escape all the evil valentine's day set menus. I rather save the money to go travel next time! It does feel nice to sometimes receive gifts or flowers, but heck, must it really be on 14th?! Any day is fine! It is the thought that counts - and the little things that make the day sweet. There isn't a need for extravagant stuff!

We went to watch I Am Number Four premiere, tickets courtesy of Nuffnang. We shared popcorn and coke - what a romantic couple we are! ;) I think I watched half the movie behind my hands because I was quite afraid of looking at the evil aliens. But I think the movie is really good! Plus of course the male lead was DAMN CUTE PLS!

Then we headed for dinner. Wanted to eat at Paradise Inn but it was closing! So we went to Marche and Nat treated me to dinner. sweet! Thanks bf :)





I am so glad that nat is still in NUS, though of course she is not happy being here still. She is not only my subject pool master, but also one of my main companions in school. Now that me and gh have fallen out, I feel very lonely in school actually. But I can always count on nat to eat lunch with me :)

Yes, I am still feeling lonely in school. It is not easy to get over it so quickly. Nat was telling me how after she broke up, she suddenly realise that there is no one to sms too. And I totally agree, I sms so little these days! Haiz. I definitely have not had a proper closure yet.

And I think it is because I had no answer from you. I still wonder what happened. Perhaps it is that the two of us just do not click, but I just want to hear a reason from you. But I have no answer. When Nat told me that she met you on the bus earlier, and that you mentioned that you were going to meet your friends at vivo, I couldn't help but wonder, what friends? It cannot be grassy/ww, because they will be out with their gfs. So who? I always wondered (and friends have always asked me), was there someone else in the picture...?


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