Monday, February 21, 2011

Recess Week Battle Plan

Today marks the start of Recess Week - my last recess week ever in NUS!

Recess Week is just pure ironic - what recess? what break? It is simply self-study week! In fact, I think I will be in school everyday this week because there is just too much to do! In fact I've foursquare check-in so many times at HSSML that I've finally ousted the previous mayor! HAHA, CHEAP THRILL!

Thank god I am not bugged by midterms. In fact, I don't really have much projects to handle too. RE project has not started and I am not sure if I wanna bother leading in the project. I am going to s/u it anyway! DSC project is currently at a halt because companies refuse to reply me. Hate this man, I know companies are busy with their work, but it is not as if you will not benefit from the interview? We are providing you our entire analysis and evaluations leh! UGH! Why can't everyone adopt Elim Chew's (77th Street's founder) mentality? She willingly helps students with their projects during weekends! When I go out to work next time, I will do the same - students who email me with a good proposal will be granted an interview!

It is always good to write down what you want to complete. I do that on a weekly basis actually, so that I know I will definitely finish all my work. In fact, my organiser is my life - I note down all appointments and deadlines inside, so I will not forget anything!


Doesn't seem like much? Well, 7) and 8) are enough to kill me already. And 3) is pure depressing for now. I've an interview this Friday, so that's the only upside.

Without further ado, I shall dive into my sleep-inducing readings and hope that I do not end up in dreamland...


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