Friday, February 11, 2011

Nuffnang G+ Lo Hei Dinner!

Had dsc lesson today which I was massively tempted to skip because it was about Newsvendor Model yet again. I think this is the 3rd or 4th time that I'm learning about it, though this time it is slightly different. And I definitely made an impression in class - prof can remember my name and called it like at least 5 times? I believe I have secured my class participation marks already ;)

I was contemplating whether to go Orchard to shop before meeting the Glitterati+ bloggers. Good thing I ended up going home first to rest and watch Playful Kiss, because it poured so badly once I reach home! Brought my winnie the pooh umbrella out after that to cheer myself up despite the gloomy weather... and it stopped raining like 10 minutes later -.-" ANNOYING!

It has been a long time since I met any Nuffnang bloggers. Except for stephen, whom I met during new year's eve. Wasn't able to make it for the event in January because I was having reunion dinner at that time. It seems like G+ has changed quite abit. Not the same members anymore! I wonder how the change come about, and who selected the nominees for p and vp. I was shocked that my name was in it (but I didn't turn up for the gathering) because...I don't know much people?! Not popular at all leh!

Yeah, odd.

But anyways, back to the outing.

We met at Novena Velocity before heading to Cafe De Hong Kong located at Balestier. It is a tiny restaurant tucked away in a row of shophouses. And it was really packed - with old people. We were definintely the youngest bunch of people there!



Alot of celebrities came here before! Famous food blogger, Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost has also been here. I read his post before visiting the place, so I kind of had high expectations of it.


Before we started eating anything, we must take photo!

Verdicts of each dish (don't know the name for all, shall wait for Thiang to send to us!):


Tofu with spinach on top was quite nice! Loved the silken tofu, the accompanying sauce was good too!


I have no idea what are the ingredients in this, I know there is abit of prawn, and other stuff mixed together. It was...okay. No idea what I was eating. But it tasted alright.


Normal, not much to talk about.


Wayyyy too dry! I like the crispy skin (I know how la, just dip in egg white mahhh, i watch enough foodie shows with Mummy to know :p) but the meat is like juiceless! Usually the wing is quite juicy, but this chicken has no juice la!


Pork item, out of my league - i don't eat pork, so i can't give a verdict!


I liked the shrimp roe rice alot! I finished it in a jiffy. Then again, perhaps I was hungry. The food portions aren't alot. Like one tofu per person, one brocolli per person, wthhhh.


This is definitely my absolute favourite. I love love love prawns! The meat was damn solid somemore, not those nua nua lousy sort! There was too much salted egg yolk for my liking though, makes it abit too salty. But at least, can tell that they do not scrimp and save on their ingredients! which is good! :)

The ambience of the restaurant is somewhat weird. Kind of kiddish looking, but it doesn't fit the crowd nor the food?! I don't really get it.


Terence was very late, and we were so kind to leave him some food...


like the front and back of a chicken! hahaha, it was quite funny la

Towards the end of the dinner, we had our lo hei session. Normally lo hei starts at the beginning of dinner, but we were waiting for Terence, so we decided to move it to the back. This is the FIRST time that I'm eating lo hei in a restaurant. All my lo heis are eaten at home!



First time I see someone saying all the auspicious stuff while preparing the yu sheng! Usually, I just put everything into the plate, without saying anything. Because I have no idea what to say!

And my verdict for yu sheng... homemade yusheng is still the best! This was so little and so expensive! Didn't taste very great either. The sashimi was freaking small too! I don't eat sashimi anyway, so I've no either whether it taste good or not. The past few days, mummy and I have been eating yusheng too, because we just treat it as salad, and eat it together with our dinner :) taste GREAT! :D

Total bill amounted to about $270 for 9 persons. At $30 a person, I guess that is alright for a restaurant, izzit? To me, the food wasn't totally amazing and worth the $30. I'd rather go to some zi char store, but that's just my preference :)

It was nice to finally meet up with G+! I think I am getting more and more quiet around them though, hmm. Different frequency ba! I will... work on it somehow I guess. In fact, not only just with them, I am getting more quiet in general, except with very close friends.

This is not good :(

Oh, and as you can see, I am trying to blog on a more regular basis (aka everyday if possible). But seriously, it seems to be taking quite alot of time! Maybe because I have quite alot of thoughts which I wish to just pour out.

Cafe de Hong Kong

586 Balestier Road #01-01 Eastpac Building Singapore
+65 6255 3865
Opening Hours: Tue–Sun: 11.30am–3pm, 5.30pm–12am (Closed on Mon)

Better call to make reservations, the place seems quite full!


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