Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Vegetarian Buffet!

~~~ UPDATED: with photos! ~~~

I have been so busy this week that I haven been able to blog! So I have to resort to updating on my mobile whenever I can. Bad thing about mobile updates is that there will be no photos in the post. Not because the app does not support photo uploads, but because I seldom take photos with my mobile. (UPDATED: added in photos when I got home)


I just went for my first vegetarian buffet at Lingzhi, a restaurant under the Tung Lok group. Why vegetarian? Because my grandma is vegetarian! I was initially kinda apprehensive about it; what is there to eat at a vegetarian buffet???

Apparently, a lot!

It turned out to be pretty good food actually. Very little selection, but it tastes good! There were alot of fried food though, good way to fill up our tummies. Drinks were payable, even water was payable ($1!). I guess that is how they earn, because the high tea buffet was pretty cheap - $14.80++ pax!

After high tea at Novena, all 20+ of us headed to Udders at Goldhill. My er gu is quite hip, she also know about Udders! It is quite amazing, like one big congregation moving towards United Square. Give us some drums and trumpets and we are a marching band!

I was too slow in capturing this picture, but we were filling up the entire escalator!

Finally at Udders!


Udders was too small to accommodate all of us, some of us had to stand around outside. Er gu and Uncle Pingkok treated us to icecream (actually they paid for Lingzhi too!). Actually I quite like it that we go out as a big family. Perhaps I need to interact more, I think I am too quiet amongst my cousins.

Then again, I am extra quiet these days. I don't talk much - I am so quiet amongst the STEER group and Nuffnang bloggers. Compare to when I am with my pri/sec/jc friends...omg so different!

I have no idea why I have become so anti-social in uni :(

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