Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Mobile Update!

This is the first time that I am updating my blog using my mobile phone. Wonder how it will turn out in terms of its formatting and stuff.

I changed my phone during mid January - got a Samsung Galaxy 551 White. It looks pretty much similar to the Galaxy 3 except that it has a slide-out qwerty keypad, which was just what I was looking for! I think I sms really slowly on a touchscreen phone, so having a keypad will speed things up for me.

Then why not get a Blackberry? Well, other than the cost factor, i think the Bold's screen is too small and I think it is much easier to navigate websites with a touchscreen phone. Yes, I know the Blackberry Torch matches my wants, but it is too expensive for the mediocre specs.

On the other hand, my Galaxy 551 cost $0 with Singtel's 3G Flexi Lite Student Plan - and it is totally worth it! i haven spotted much problems with it, except that sometimes there is a blue hue over the screen when i unlock it. I have to lock and unlock again and it'll be fine.

Also there is the battery life. I can't seem to separate myself from my charger now :s but after a few tests (ie. Deleting certain apps, switching off gps), I calculated that it can last 16 hours with data plan enabled and moderate usage. I think that is not that bad right? The gps is really a battery sucker; sometimes I forget to off gps after using foursquare, and I realise that the battery drains really fast!

Perhaps a problem in time to come will be the small internal memory of 160mb. For now it is still working fine. I don't download games anyway, I just have apps. Guess I have a boring phone that no kid will grab from me, cos there are no games!

Okay, I can't wait to see how this post will turn out! Pls don't let there be weird formatting!
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