Friday, February 25, 2011

First Job Interview

Okay let me first clarify the blog title: it is the first PERMANENT job interview.

I think it didn't go well though. I forgot what was the detailed job description! Haiz. I knew roughly what the job was about, but not specficially the tasks that I had to do. But every interview is an experience. And I am going to learn from it and think of what I should have done that I can improve for the next interview!

Learning Points From Interviews:

#1: Always read up on job descriptions beforehand
#2: Think of at least 2 qns to ask employers (1 doesn't seem enough)
#3: No matter how the interviewer treats you, remember to plaster a smile on your face

Hope more companies call me up for interview! But for now, it is time to do the mini project for the company which needs to be submitted in 3 days time...

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