Sunday, February 27, 2011

The End of Recess Week

In 2+ more hours, Recess Week is going to end... my last recess week EVER!

Remember I was setting out to do several stuff this Recess Week?

I only did #1, #3, #5, #6, #7... and #1 is not settled yet, nor have I completely finished #6 and #7. UGH! :( I did do my best though, except during the weekends when I felt kinda burnt out.

And my desktop is exploding with research papers. I usually put it into folders, but because I want easy access when doing my literature review, I just downloaded all of it on my desktop first.

Desktop as of 23rd February:

Still looking decent, I still can see my wallpaper

Desktop as of 27th February:

And it's not as if I download them just for fun. I read through all of them, though not the entire paper if I find that it is not of relevance. But still, I think I'm going bonkers! Initially, I tried to read on my laptop and just highlight from there... in a bid to save paper and ink. But it is really tiring! I don't get how people can survive with e-books. I still like hardcopies!

Hence, I printed out everything, and I am currently struggling with it as I blog...

Yes, I printed 4 in a page to save paper!

It is 36 more days to thesis submission. I still haven't finished my literature review and there is still alot to do! Plus, I have another subject pool on 17th March. I am quite sure I am the only thesis student who have done so many subject pools! I really hope my efforts pay off... I'm not intelligent, but I do put in hard work.

Can hard work pay off for once?

Somehow, it never really does though. As compared to intelligence. People who are naturally brilliant have it easy in life. While sloggers like me... just slog throughout. HAIZ.

On another note, how do you like my new blogskin? I finally decided to add a background instead of leaving it all white.

Emo enough?

I just combined two deviantart pictures together. Need to credit them soon on my blog, but I'll do it another time when I'm free. I wanted something even more emo than this, but I couldn't find suitable pictures. Oh well.

I will work on this after 36 days.


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