Sunday, February 13, 2011

CNY Visit: Xf's House


We visited xf's house for a mini gathering. I usually do not visit friends' house during CNY because my CNY is just way too busy! And usually daddy will be home, so I will accompany him most of the time. But this time, CNY was extra long and Daddy left on the 5th day of CNY.


We had potluck at xf's house. To me, potluck means cooking and bringing all to one person's house. But us young generation can't do that eh - buying is the way to go. Sometimes I can't understand though...if buy, then why not just go to a restaurant to eat?!

I am always very apprehensive about having certain events with my generation. This includes stuff like bbq, potluck, steamboat...stuff in which we need to prepare by ourselves. Because, let's face it, we are a bunch of useless youngsters with not even half the skills which our parents have in preparing such stuff! Everytime I go for a bbq, I am always mentally prepared that I will not be full at the end of it because of all the burnt/uncooked food. And I think being hungry is no fun at all!

(that is not to say I never have fun at bbqs. I think bbqs with cedar perc is super fun because it just turns out ridiculously funny!)

Perhaps I am too used to having my mummy prepare everything nicely. Like previously when my friends came to my house for bbq, she will help to prepare some cooked food and pack the bbq stuff to bring downstairs too. I feel very assured when my mummy or like the older generation is around. Last time, we have bbq at my er gu's house pretty often. All the food turned out awesome - because my aunties/uncles were the ones cooking.

And with home-prepared steamboat/bbq, there is always the hassle of clearing up after that. Super troublesome really. And youngsters do not always help with that...nor do we really know what to do with all the stuff. Haiz.

But anyway, the potluck at xf's house did not turn out so bad. There was alot of food because charles/michelle bought sushi. SUPER alot of sushi! In fact, I think this is a very expensive meal... I think charles/michelle spent alot especially! More than if we had just eaten out! But lohei was a disaster because they bought those lohei which you need to DIY the veggies. Haha, obviously never help out at home before eh! Or perhaps their family always buy yusheng.

I think buying yusheng is super expensive! Can always just diy and buy those additional ingredients what! That is what my family do every year, and it tastes awesome. In fact, now i still have yusheng in my fridge and my mummy and I will continue eating it next week as a salad. I quite like it :D it is really healthy, though cannot put too much of the sweet syrup.

We played 终极密码 to finish up the food and then played blackjack. I am super down on luck at xf's house and lost like $9.55 there! UGH! But it's okay la, my overall net loss for blackjack for CNY 2011 is $0.55. So... small money there!


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