Saturday, February 12, 2011

CNY Visit: My Babysitters



Visited my ex-babysitters on 12th February at their house. They took care of me since I was a one month old to about 4 years old. Every cny and birthday, I will visit them to catch up with them.

However, I feel that I am not doing enough.

I think I should do more for them, and visit them more often. They are quite old already... I don't want to regret one day when it is all too late. But it is kind of funny if I suddenly start visiting more often right? And I don't want them to start cooking and preparing so much when I come. Moreover it is also difficult to explain to my mummy why I want to visit them more often. Well, actually it is not that hard to explain, it is just that I don't want her to feel obliged to come with me too.

Perhaps when I start working, I will visit them more often. And of course, must pay them back for all the care and love that they showered on me last time, and even now. It feels very heartwarming whenever they do up videos of all my baby pictures and give me a cd. They are not highly educated, and have no idea how to use a computer, but somehow still manage to do up a video just by using a dv camera and their dvd player!

After visiting for about an hour plus, I headed out to causeway point to meet my uncle peter's family. Talked away before I left to meet fj and db for dinner. It has been a long time since we met up because of those two busy accountants! But well, I shall stop laughing at them, soon my time will come, and perhaps I may end up even busier than them - and have to eat my words!


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