Saturday, February 26, 2011

Borders Massive Clearance Sale

It was the second day of Borders' Clearance Sale today and I decided to drop by Expo to check exactly how good it is. Mummy drove to Ikea Tampines where parking was free. We then took the shuttle bus to Tampines and then a train to Expo. Yeah, it is a hassle but at least...

1) Definitely guaranteed a parking lot, no need to wait
2) Free parking!

With the NATAS travel fair happening during the same period, you can just imagine how crazy the queue is! I reached Expo at about 1045 and the queue to get into NATAS (Hall 4 and 5) had already stretched to the MRT is CRAZY!! I would have also liked to visit it and book those free & easy packages...but I don't have a job yet :(

The Borders Sale was not very crowded. All the good books seem to have been sold out on the first day. I had wished to get Harry Potter, Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks collection...but none were available! Then again, perhaps all these famous titles are not even on sale!!

Other than fiction series that I like to collect, I normally will not buy fiction books. Can always borrow from the library what! So I will usually buy travel books. I books do get outdated, but at least I get to 'travel' in my bed (when reading). I love the DK Eyewitness Travel and Insight Guides series.

Next time, my house will have a mini library, where I will have a collection of all the classic books, some popular ones like Harry Potter, and the whole set of Eyewitness Travel. I have to be super rich Eyewitness Travel book costs about $50!

My damage for the day: $52. Got a $10 voucher and I wanted to use it immediately...but cannot! I actually wanted to get a Malta travel book. Mummy kept saying...when will you ever go to Cuba or Malta?!? fine day la!

My travel books collection so far:

I can't wait for the next NLB sale! But it is really hard to get nice Eyewitness Travel books there...

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