Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bon Voyage Bobby!

Some of the Steeries met up for dinner at Adam Road Food Centre to say farewell to Bobby before he leaves for his exchange programme in Sydney. Steeries present were Shannon, Natasha, Bobby, Philip, Zi Lun, Makmur, Camillus, and Aziz who joined us later. I didn't realise that it was the last day of cny and that some people had reunion dinners - until I saw Ryan's post on the wall!

It was my first time eating at Adam Road Food Centre despite its proximity to my house. Last time, I will just go to Island Creamery for icecream. Well, nowadays I don't go anymore because of the lack of company :( Anyway, there wasn't much food to choose from. Apparently the Nasi Lemak is nice...though my mummy strongly disagrees. She thinks it is nothing special! I ate my favourite stingray and I think it was not bad, just that it was too small to fully warrant the $12 that I paid!

Aziz not in the picture because he came much later!

After that, we headed to Island Creamery. I like Island Creamery because it is cheap and good! My favourite flavour is Reverso because I love such chocolately stuff, never mind it being sinful! If you have eaten Swensen's Topless 5 with me, you will know that everything I choose will have some chocolate in it...making it a massive brown mountain!

We talked about many random stuff until Philip came - then we began 'tormenting' him about his date earlier. Natasha spotted him in a movie with a girl just hours ago!! Hahaha, it was really funny though, because Philip was so panicky!!

But I think the most epic moment was in Aziz's car. He gave me, Yew Ming and Philip a lift niceeee! Nice Aziz who cuts apples for us :p Okay anyway, Philip was pondering about how to reply the girl's sms (which he has left hanging for an hour plus) when suddenly, there was a ringtone and the girl replied first!!

Philip's reaction was EPIC, I was like rofl-ing! He was like "OH NO OH NO!!! GG!!" with lots of F punctuating it. Super hilarious! Hahaha, I didn't know guys panic so much when sms-ing a girl! I don't think I panic nor exclaim so much when replying a guy's sms...a guy whom I have feelings for.

Hmm, maybe I did exclaim abit, haha, can't be totally no reaction right! Just that I can't seem to recall it now...

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