Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black Swan: totally possessed

Today was a pretty hectic day for me. Woke up at 730am, which is amazingly the LATEST time in which I have woken up in this entire week. Yes, I have morphed into a mugger-tron, I am perpetually in hssml doing my work.

Went to fetch my aunty jaq for chemo today. Actually I wish they were not so courteous about it; we are one family and we should be there for each other! :) It is just a small gesture and if it can help in the treatment (ie. Prevent her from catching germs on public tpt), then why not! Her treatment lasted super long today though, almost 6hrs instead of the supposed 3hrs! But okay la...all is fine I think :)

After fetching them home, I parked the car at home, printed stuff, and was about to head out when...IT POURED! It was like the second or third flash shower of the day! I know I will confirm get drenched going out in that weather so I stoned for awhile at home. Eventually, I decided to just head out with my pooh bear umbrella! I really love it! :)

Headed to The Cathay to meet some STEERies (amanda, aziz, shufen, natasha, zilun, shannon and me!) for a movie. Everyone was late except shufen. Sorry ar, made you wait alone :( good thing aziz came early and accompanied her at Popeyes!

Okay so we went to watch Black Swan after that, and as my blog title may suggest, I think it is totally possessed! I think it is a good movie, like there is a good plot and lots of hidden meaning, but it is really quite disturbing!! I was kind of prepared for the disturbing scenes because I read The Vigilant Citizen's occult interpretation of Black Swan previously.

If this is what the music industry is doing, it is quite sick actually. And I think...yeah, that is what they do! Everyone is getting possessed...

Actually, if you think about the movie in a very straightforward sense, the message sent is quite warped. It is like to be free of restrictions and to really live life instead of being robotic, then pls go touch yourself (ie. Masturbate). Okay righttttt. It was shown like 3 times I think...super awkward if you are watching with parents. And then that lesbian was cut by alot though. Singapore censored the film by 4 minutes. Original movie is 108mins while the Singapore version is 104mins.

Initially, I only used one hand to cover my eyes...towards the end, I was using two hands and closing my eyes at times. FREAKING DISTURBING!! At the end of the show, we were all traumatised. And we happened to see the Justin Bieber Never Say Never movie poster. Hahaha, we were talking about how we need to watch it to cleanse ourselves.

After that movie, we kinda kept poking fun of it...I think everyone was quite shaken by it, even aziz and zilun. Dun fake that you were not! :p zilun was saying that the movie fits into many genres, like horror, sci fi, soft porn...hahaha! Some of us didn't know that the movie had been censored but according to aziz, it was super obvious!

Quote: "Quite obvious with all the gaps in between the panting. It makes you wonder what is going on between the gaps eh..."

Hahaha! Well, go download the uncensored version then.

Thanks amanda for the postcards! :)

Had ice-cream at macs before heading home. Upon reaching home, I got quite afraid actually. Like...WHY IS MY LIFT FULL OF MIRRORS??? There are mirrors on 3 sides and even on top! Ughhhh...freaky!!


I couldn't take it, ended up crawling into mummy's bed to sleep. And I couldn't sleep well either! :( The last time I watched a horror movie, I slept in mummy's room for months I think. And after I finally moved back to my room, I had to on a nightlight.

Then again, when I was a kid, I had a power rangers nightmare too...ugh.

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