Monday, February 28, 2011

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 1

And it is yet another new cycle of ANTM! Caught it last night and I was contemplating whether to do screenshots...nahhh, it was quite late at that time and I was really tired :( Cycle 16 premiered on 23rd Feb and I had been trying to search for it ever since. I watched the previous cycle on TV Dome, but they seem to have stopped uploading any tv series/movies!

I did not want to use funshion because I didn't want to download the software nor the video itself. I just want to stream it! After much searching, I actually found it on Youtube last night -.-" ughhh I thought it would have been taken down because of copyright issues, but it is still there!

Cycle 16 continued on with the HIGH high fashion, with the winner landing a cover on Vogue Italia and a contract with IMG Models. Hmmm, I haven't seen Amy's Vogue Italia cover yet, should start searching for it. I believe she will be gorgeous!

Tyra started Cycle 16 with a rude shock to the girls - by bluffing them that they are rejected and have to go home. She wants to let them understand the feeling of rejection, but I felt that there wasn't much time for rejection to really sink in! What is more cruel is the other batch of girls who thought they were in, but actually out! Couldn't they just separated both groups and tell both that they are rejected???

Model house isn't looking that WOW this Cycle. Perhaps the models have destroyed too many houses and cwTV have incurred too much expenses! Anyway if they are really models that are starting out, I am sure they will have such luxurious accommodation...

The first test was on runway, where the girls had to walk along a 12inch wide platform in a bubble (like those zorb ball style). It looks pretty ridiculous to me, I don't see how the jewellery can be seen by the audience with all that conffetti flying about the bubble! Britanni totally rocked it, I don't know why there wasn't a prize for her though!

The photoshoot took place before runway, some sort of a candid backstage shoot kinda. SUPPOSEDLY candid, the girls still had to pose in that sort of effortless manner. I think Britanni and Molly totally rocked it.

Pictures in order of call-out:

Molly - this is totally ad worthy!
Brittani - this is awesome, her walk is awesome, SHE IS AWESOME
Alexandria - This rocks too, but her personality is blwahhh
Mikaela - I can imagine that she will go very far

Dayla - NOT GOOD
Hannah - Should have been called out earlier, she really stood out!
Monique - I think this is really good!
Kasia - not good, super unflattering
Jaclyn - not liking this, not liking her kiddo voice
Dominque - this is super awful!


Angelia - this photo is not good, but it isn't worst that dominque! just cos of that personality issue AGAIN!

I cannot understand what the judges see in Ms Freckles Dominique. She looks like an amphibian of some sort with patchy skin! Eeewww...some of the girls look really normal though. Britanni looks normal, but I think she will last pretty far...and not win. I predict that Mikaela and Molly will get somewhere at the top!

Check out the ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 1 here:

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