Tuesday, November 23, 2010

High tension at the Korea border: not a second war, please!

Black smokes arising from Yeonpyeong island
Photo from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-11818450

I do not usually do this. By 'this', meaning to blog about something which is so highly prolific. I don't know much (or perhaps even nothing) about political clashes, previous North Korea and South Korea incidents, etc, so many comments below are based on my own (shortsighted) perspectives. It's not that I want more hits (please, I am not that superficial), but I am really riled up by this incident.

A very brief summary of this border clash:

North Korea (NK) claims that South Korea (SK) were conducting military exercises which exceeded the border - a border with South Korea abides by, but not NK. So NK not happy, dropped 50 shells at Yeonpyeong Island which is near the disputed border. This killed 2 SK soldiers and injured other soldiers and civillians. So SK retailiated by dropping at least 80 shells.

Despite all the finger pointings here and there, I think it is quite certain that the majority of the world would think that NK is the one who provoked the attack. Logically thinking about it, SK has so much to lose if they are in a war, while NK... well not that much on their side I guess. I mean, does it have an economy? does it have tourism?

What made me really riled up was after reading BBC's Triggers for Attacks, where BBC analysts thought of some reasons on what caused this attack, which to me was seemingly unprovoked. Here are 2 points which was mentioned:

Aiding Kim Jong Un's Succession - by giving him some military 'success'
Seriously, this is such an old-fashioned school of thought. It's as if we are living in the Qing Dynasty or the dunno what dynasty, where army generals have to win wars, before they are the overall general in charge of the troops. Or rather, it's like Hitler. Lead some troops to war, win, and then gain control.

Lack of Economic Aid to NK from SK
I didn't know this before - North Korea relies on aid to feed its people. Well done to the rulers, you have no money to give your citizens RICE but you can built all that nuclear power plants to potentially cause havoc in the world?! What communism seriously? I wish I can throw thousands of copies of "Animal Farm" into NK (korean version of course) for them to read and retaliate. And now you are biting off the hand that feeds you just because Lee Myung-bak says aid will only be given based on progress of deneutralisation.

Perhaps one day, your people will all starve to death and do not have the power to run your nuclear plants. And you can self detonate together with your precious plants when they go hay-wire.

I also read another report about how NK is appearing jealous of SK's G-20 summit, and they do not wish to be viewed as the "younger child" or something. But I can't seem to find the link again.

Someone seriously needs to knock some sense into NK, before it goes out of control and start releasing its nuclear power everywhere.

On a separate note,

To controversialists who claim that there is so much hype over this Korean border clash because of Kpop... Well, duh. Naturally you talk more about things that you are familiar with right? But I don't think that everyone is being superficial and to support South Korea just because of the Korean pop stars. Most people are probably sincerely hoping that there will not be a war because innocent lives (not just of Kpop stars) will be lost. And to compare it with the Iraq war is like comparing apples and oranges.


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