Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bimbo Treats Part 3: Cotton On, Mos Burger

After dessert at Sugar Granny Cafe, we left the outram area and headed to town where we did abit of shopping. Sw was looking for undergarments, and we ended up at Cotton On because they had $10 bra sale! I bought one too though, because it was cheap! I also bought a longsleeve sleep robe, but I didn't buy the inner sleepwear because I thought it was too expensive for such rough quality! I can easily buy something cheaper online or even at bugis street to match with my baby pink sleep robe :)

After that, we headed for Mos Burger where sw had her dinner. I stayed for awhile before heading home because I had to go to my grandma's house.


This marks the end of our bimbo outing - I am really in need of a shopping trip though! Lots to buy to go Middle East! Haiz, need to find acceptable length clothing, both for cold and warm weather. I really hope temperatures will be at around 15degrees and not increase to 25degrees, else I will melt in long sleeves!

Perhaps I will buy my first maxi dress too - time to go Cotton On again!


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