Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bimbo Treats Part 2: Sugar Granny Cafe

So after our mani/pedi session at Wen Luxe Spa, we headed down the road to this cafe in which we walked past earlier, called the Sugar Granny Cafe. When I saw the name, it felt really familiar to me! After I came home and did a search, I realised that I saw it on The Simplest Aphrodisiac's blog.

I didn't really take much photos at Sugar Granny Cafe as I wanted to, because I was impaired with wet nails! Ughhhh. I felt like an invalid without hands, everything had to be done so carefully, I had to take out my wallet so carefully, I had to snap these few pictures so carefully... :(


The ambience at sugar Granny Cafe was quite olden, with some new technology infused together. The Cafe is filled with those posters all over, and there is this scooter near the cashier too. I think the overall ambience is nice, and it feels really cosy! There were sofas too, but it was already taken. We were there at about 3pm, so it was shocking that there were actually some people there.


Ordered Mango Sago and Durian Sago (both S$3.50 if I'm not wrong). I think the Durian was really nice! Both were more like a soft slush sort of a texture. Given a straw, I think I can slurp everything up in a minute. The Mango Sago was okay, but the Durian Sago really shined for me.

I think I really need to go back there and take better photos, who is with me? :)

Sugar Granny Cafe
No. 5 Teo Hong Road Singapore 088323
Tel: 6224 9368
Opening Hours: Sun–Thu: 1pm – 11pm , Fri–Sat: 1pm – 1am


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