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Sponsored Review: Acnes Medicated Skincare

Recently I just collected a package from Fr3b, or rather, TheSamplingStore now as it is known, for Acnes Medicated Skincare range, the #1 medicated skincare brand in Japan. As I have been overseas for almost 2 weeks, I did not use my current Hada Labo products because  I didn't have it in travel size.

So you could say that I've a fresh new face of pimples to test out these new products!

Number of days used: 5+ days (oops, abit short since I was overseas)
Other products used in these days: None, except for some cosmetics like Skinfood BB Aloe Cream


When I saw the packaging, I was a tad bid confused. I thought it was from Japan? How come it had Korean words on the packaging?

Mentholatum was first found in Kansas. Then, ROHTO Pharmaceutical Company (from Japan) acquired it. So well, I guess Acnes does quantify as a Japanese brand. It has an Asia Pacific branch, where its manufacturer is from Guangdong, China.

As for the answer to why it has korean words, well, maybe DKSH improted it from Korea, I've no idea why too.
See the Manufactuerer at the bottom left hand corner?

Upon seeing the word "china", I admit I was a tad bit apprenhensive to try the product. China and their quality problems - I wouldn't want my face to rot due to excessive ingredients! But as it is kind of 'backed' by the Japanese brand, I just decided to give it a go.

I was given these 3 products:

Step 1: Acnes Creamy Wash
Step 2: Acnes Powder Lotion
Step 3: Acnes Sealing Jell

Okay, so let's start with the Acnes Creamy Wash

I squeezed too much for the cleanser. About half the above amount will be enough. It is really foamy! It has 5 main benefits:

1) Anti-bacterial
2) Soothing
3) Deep Cleansing
4) Moisture Retention
5) Anti-oxidation

I definitely agree with the deep cleansing property. My face was squeeky clean after the wash!

Next, the powder lotion.
You can tell that it really consists of powder, so make sure that you shake it thoroughly first before use!


When poured out, it is a liquid form. Gently dab it onto your face. For me, it gives a tingling effect initially. Quite painful actually, and I got abit scared. But the pain gradually faded away. Not sure what caused it. In these few days that I tried, sometimes I feel the pain, sometimes it just tingles, or sometimes, there isn't much of a pain.

Well, I imagine it as soldiers stabbing away the bacteria on my skin, in hopes of returning to me that nice baby skin that I used to have....erm, when I was a baby.

Forgot to mention the features of this powder they are:

1) Anti-bacteria
2) Soothing
3) Oil Control
4) Moisture Retention
5) Unclog and Refine Pores

Lastly, I applied the Acnes Sealing Gel, which prevents acne formation.

No picture for this, it is really just a typical gel form. Use the top of the cap to pierce through the aluminium sealing. I like such seals, it assures me that the product is really 'fresh'.

Result: a few of my major pimples cleared in about 4 days. Some are still present. The smaller whiteheads, not much effect to that yet. I guess I have to use it for a longer time to really see the effect.

Verdict: I feel that this medicated range feels a tad bit strong on my skin, with the slight pain I felt when using the powder lotion. Perhaps it is because I do not really have a serious acne problem. Yes, I do have pimples and white heads, but it is mainly some here and there, not one patch of it. Using this range has not caused my skin to become overly dry. The oil control is good, my face does not feel oily for almost the whole day.

However, I do have certain grumbles with regards to this product.

The bottled cap of the Acnes Powder Lotion:
I would have prefered it to be those flip caps, where I can immediately close the cap and set it down. For this product, I've to just quickly put down the bottle and the cap, before the lotion (more like liquid) seeps through my finger gaps!

The smell of Acnes Creamy Wash:
When I first used the cleanser, the first thought that struck my mind was... "why does it smell like Mama Lemon?" Ugh, couldn't they change the smell slightly?

But, despite these two points, overall, I think it is a good range to be used for people with serious acne problems. Do not expect immediate or fast results. Be patient when using this product. If it can kill the bacteria causing the pimples, it is better than to get rid of the pimplehead without getting rid of the cause.

治标不治本, you get it?

Interested to try samples? do register here at TheSampleStore, otherwise known as Fr3b previously:


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  1. Anonymous2:20 AM

    I just got this product today from an Indian store. I am basically from India.

    Have applied it right now. Need to wait and see :)


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