Saturday, August 14, 2010

Singapore Youth Olympic Games (SYOG) Opening Ceremony

The inaugaral Youth Olympic Games (YOG) opening ceremony has come to an end. I wouldn't say it was fantastic because the word "fantastic" is associated to the Beijing Olympics for me. However, based on our resources, I felt that we did the best there we could, albeit some improvements that could have been made.

I felt that some parts of the opening ceremony was just too fast. like the video segment, it just stops abruptly. But the videos were nice to see. Because the mediacorp commentary was overpowering the actual commentary at the Marina Bay platform, I wonder whether each act was announced. If not, it will just be a whole lot of confusion to people. The costumes were all elaborate and quite an eye-opener. But as an audience, I don't really think you can view it. I wish there were formations. It will be much more interesting! Or is it too hard to train the children to do so? Perhaps it is due to the lack of space on the main platform since a portion of it has become the reflective water platform. I liked the reflective water platform. It added some ompf to the show!

I think the main flaw was the flag entrances. Yeah, the athletes probably didn't have time to rehearse for it. But it could be made simpler by the person carrying the country name. Just tell the athelete to FOLLOW about 5 steps behind the white-clothed person in front. And make this person walk out into the LIGHT, pause for 2 seconds, and then turn. I think the initial plan is for the athelete to walk in front themselves, and then turn. Isn't that confusing?!STREAMLINE YOUR OPERATIONS PLS!

But I think the part that really saved the ceremony was: The Finale.

aka the lighting of the YOG cauldron.

It was pretty obvious that Darren Choy was going to be the final one to light it, since Amanda Lim was the first one on the dragon boat. I thought that was quite a majestic entrance. And the vortex of fire... cool!

Okay, no pictures for now. the Singapore 2010 Flickr photostream doesn't seem to let me copy the photo out. too lazy to printscreen for now. Never mind, shall update with photos later on.


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