Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Busy Bumble Bee

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I haven't been blogging for awhile, and I know that I still have many things to blog about. Due to the lack of time spent blogging, it seems as if I'm only blogging about Nuffnang or Fr3b (now called thesamplestore) stuff, and not much about my personal life.

I dislike that. My blog should still be about my life, others being its peripherals.

But these 3 weeks, I haven't been doing much except worrying about my thesis stuff. I have been behind in 3 out of 4 of my other modules too. And of course, I've been pre-occupied with YOG. There are lots that I want to blog about, with regards to YOG. But... ugh. I have also been pre-occupied with the Food Blogger saga. Despite having lots of comments about it, it is something that I will keep to myself.

I'm not so desperate to get up my blog hits.

Today has been declared my major catch up day. Check out my very crazy "Things to do" list:

This is insane - I have to be superwoman to finish all of this. But no matter what, I'll try my best. I think I need to push myself abit more, so that I will be more driven to achieve.

Hopefully I can finish all of this (or at least the majority) by today and then Sunday will be left for me to blog about the Pizza Hut Parchment Pasta, Lip balms from thesamplestore, and of course, about my life. I should not sway away from what is the main purpose of my blog.

It is currently 11.40am, and the battle starts now.

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