Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School: Year 4, Semester 1

School has officially started for me today - my final year. In actual fact, if you count the number of months, it is just 9 months and my school life will be over. Like really over, I will not be studying again, unless MBA or EMBA which I believe I'll do part-time, unless my future company is so nice to provide me with study leave.

This semester, I'm only taking 4 mods, since I'm also doing thesis. I'm taking:

1) MKT4412 Marketing Theory & Research
2) MKT3412 Services Marketing
3) DSC3203 Services Operations Management
4) GEK1511 Intoduction to Computing

Definitely will not be meeting Felicia Chin in any classes since she will be in Year 1 in Business School. I wonder whether she joined any Freshman Orientation Camp. If they are still playing that *cough*RETARDED*cough* SP thingie, then her SP will be so lucky to get her! Yeah but whatever, I won't go all crazy seeing her in school, she used to come back to VJC to watch softball matches anyway. see before already laaa.

Because of thesis, I'm feeling scared and stressed, so much that I don't want to come back from China. It's alot of uncertainty, and I feel like I'm not putting in my best yet. Everytime I look at the readings, I get abit turned of by it. But I know I've to wake up from this deludedness, and really put in all my best.

To get me more into the "Back In School" mode, here are more pictures which I've taken from Getty Images:


  1. Joanna3:55 AM

    hi! just chanced upon your blog. I am a fellow NUS BBA year 4 (for now), may i just ask, how was MKT4412 as a module? was it manageable? What comments do you have for it?

    Thank you! :)

    1. i actually really enjoyed it! basically just have to read research papers and comment on it during each lesson. and there's just one presentation and one exam. It was a marketing module that i really enjoyed. and the prof was awesome too, though i've forgotten what's his name...


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