Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do the RIGHT thing, let's BIN it now!

If you ever do the following...

you can be sure that you will be attacked by these 5 Litter Munchers who have just descended upon our tiny little Singapore.
Old uncle at the bus stop: "simi 5 Litter Munchers la?! you think they can stop me meh!" *throws cigarette butt on the ground*
In an instance, he hears 5 voices chanting "BIN IT NOW, BIN IT NOW, BIN IT NOW" and it appears to be coming nearer and nearer....

and then he sees them.

Introducing NEA's new warriors for their anti-littering campaign: the Litter Munchers! These are not just some mascots, they are actually real litter bins! Which explains all their gaping mouths, well, except for Robo Muncher which has a gaping hole in his head.

I cannot understand why do people litter. Is it so difficult to hold your rubbish until you see a litter bin? The green bins are almost everywhere! Except for MRT stations since we are not supposed to eat and drink there. I was quite horrified when someone who was driving, tear coupon, and then throw the coupon bits onto the ground. wth?! For me, mummy puts a small container in the car to put all the coupon tabs, and then throws them away periodically. That should be the right way!

That is not to say that I never litter before. I did litter before, in the cinemas. You know when you purchase popcorn, and there are all those popcorn seeds which you suddenly bite into. Last time, I saw my friends just throwing it onto the floor. And so I did the same. One day, when I watched a movie with my parents and I did the same thing, my mummy said:

"girl, I did not raise you up to be like that!"

I felt so embarrassed and sorry! And from then on, I never do such a thing again. I always use tissue to put my seeds in, and then I dispose of it into the litter bins outside the cinema. yes, I'm a reformed good citizen! and so should you!

And you can support NEA's anti-littering campaign by going to WALA WALA this saturday, where NEA will kickstart its design contest (more about this later)!

Date: 21 August 2010, Saturday
Time: 7pm to 8.30pm
Venue: Wala Wala, Holland Village

and that's not all! First 50 participants to take their pictures with Inda Bingo on their handphones can show their photos to officials for a first drink coupon!
Do you remember who is Inda Bingo?
Super easy to spot right! Just look for that Red Indian dustbin walking around! In addition, his two friends will also be coming along with him, namely
Yup, but do note that the free drink is only with photos of Inda Bingo okay!! and that's not all! you can upload this picture at Litter Muncher’s Facebook page for a chance to win shopping vouchers up to $50! Woohoo!

Remember I talked about the Design Contest just now? This saturday will mark the launch of the "Design Your Own Litter Muncher" contest! 3 local celebrities, namely Nathan Hartono, Edmund Chen and Radio DJ Boy Thunder, will be revealing their designs at the Litter Muncher website too!
There are also other contests and games on the Litter Muncher website. This includes:
- Litter Muncher's Big Day Online Voting Contest: just vote for your favourite Muncher!
- Bin Bin Game: something like pacman!
Stand a chance to win Sony digital cameras, printers, and MP3 players! I totally cannot play the Bin Bin Game, I always sucked at pacman, and it's not surprising that I suck at this too! No point for me to play and to submit my score, unless we are competing for the lowest score!
So anyway, do join in the fun at Wala Wala this Saturday! I'll be there too, from 7 to 8.30pm for the event, so do come and join me! :)
Date: 21 August 2010, Saturday
Time: 7pm to 8.30pm
Venue: Wala Wala, Holland Village

Check out Litter Muncher's YouTube video too!

Let us all do the right thing, and BIN IT NOW!

thank you NEA for sponsoring this post!


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