Sunday, July 18, 2010

Singapore's Flooding! - Time to get out your Wellingtons!

Singapore is flooding.

I never realise it till now, when I'm working in Orchard and yesterday was the second time that it has flooded - albeit not as bad as the previous occassion. This time, only Liat Towers was ankle deep in the flood.

But, the rainfall was almost twice that of the previous flood: from 100mm to 178mm.

Though my area is not affected, but nearby Thomson Road is often struck by floods. According to zh, Ang Mo Kio is one of the places of the highest points. Well, so you know, if AMK is flooding, it probably means that Singapore is drowning!

What's one thing that is definitely affected by floods? It doesn't have to be those massive floods, ankle deep floods, even just a few centimetres of water affects it.


Most of my shoes are not waterproof, or are too tittering-on-stilts to provide the appropriate grip/balance for rainy days. Hence, I think it is time that I invested in a pair of Wellington Boots! I always associated wellingtons with Phua Chu Kang boots or construction worker boots. But judging by the high frequency of floods these days (or is it because the media suddenly keep reporting on it due to the hype), I think functionality, for once, outweighs aesthetics.

If I do get a pair of wellingtons, I want it to be an obnoxiously and bimbotically...PINK WELLIES!

I was googling some pictures of it, and here's some pictures for reference:

I think the baby pink one is the nicest! :) The last one looks kiddish, but I like it though! It's very fairytale-like! With this said, I wonder when will I buy my wellingtons...


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