Monday, July 19, 2010

The Ship Restaurant (船餐厅酒店)

On 5th July, mummy came to find me for lunch because she had off since it was Youth Day holiday. And she decided to bring me for lunch at The Ship Restaurant since it was featured in The Sunday Times food section the day before.

According to her, she has eaten at The Ship ever since her poly days! That is really very long ago! It is amazing that The Ship is able to survive for such a long time, considering its obscure location at Shaw Centre. It is located at a tiny corner where we had to randomly explore around first before finding it!

The Ship, as the name suggests, is a ship-themed restaurant. Even the toilets are designed in a ship-like atmosphere. It seems like a pretty cosy place, with food prices ranging from approximately $10 for some set lunches to over $30 for steaks and ribs.

There were quite a number of people there, probably due to the newspaper article. But mummy had made reservations beforehand so we did not have to wait for long. Our table was really tiny though - perhaps we didn't make reservations early enough!

I chose Fish & Chips Set Lunch (I know, I'm boring), while mummy ate Chicken Maryland - which was featured on The Sunday Times.

Chicken Maryland

The portions were pretty big, even my fish & chips... there were 2 slices of fish! Pretty worth the money! The Chicken Maryland was not bad, though I felt that it gets too much after awhile. The whole chicken is fried, and it is a really big piece! Think of all the oil that you are consuming - ugh!

Overall, I felt that the restaurant was only okay. The food was average, not something fantastic. But I did like the rather cosy atmosphere. But if I had wanted to go to a cosy restaurant, I'll probably choose Bistro One Zero Three or Mariner's Corner.

But for a rather cosy and affordable restuarant in the Orchard area, this could be one of your choices.

1 Scotts Road #04-34
Shaw Centre Singapore 228208

Tel: 6235 2235
Opening hours: 11am to 10pm

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