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Nuffnang Movie Contest: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Disney movies always rocks, don't you think? yeah, i know there is Dreamworks, Pixar and stuff, but still, Disney movies are here to stay! Well of course right, since it is such a huge corporation, seeing that it has "eaten" Pixar (reads: Pixar is under Disney now). Here are some Disney movies that they have produced/co-produced:

  1. Toy Story 3 - not a fan so I didn't watch it

  2. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - heard it was nice! but didn't get to see it too :(

  3. Alice in Wonderland - love it! Mad Hatter is not so scary after all!

  4. The Princess & the Frog - good movie!

  5. G-Force - ah, i miss those furballs

  6. Up - i love that show!

  7. Wall-E - it's really quite emotional

  8. High School Musical - love all the songs there! it seriously beats GLEE!

  9. National Treasure - FAVOURITE SERIES! (okay this is 2nd, Pirates is first)

  10. Pirates of the Carribean - FAVOURITE SERIES!
and of course many many more!

This month, another new Disney film will be release! In collaboration with Jerry Bruckheimer, who brought to you National Treasure, they bring us...

The story is losely based on 2 poems (by Paul Dukas and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) and Disney's Fantasia (which has been released time and again). Does Fantasia ring a bell to you? Not the Americal Idol contestant of course, what I mean is this:

Pictures courtesy of

LOOKS FAMILIAR RIGHT! Apparently there is a segment in Fantasia which talks about The Sorcerer's Apprentice, so now, a full length feature film of it is produced! This only came about because of Nicholas Cage's obsession with Fantasia, and in particular, this part of the animated show.

The setting of the show takes place in Manhattan where Balthazar Blake (by Nicholas Cage) is battling against his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath (by Alfred Molina) to defend the city. Though he is a master sorcerer, he couldn't handle the battle alone, and recruits Dave Stutler (by Jay Baruchiel) as his protégé. Blake sees a hidden potential in his reluctant apprentice, who seems like the average guy next door. Though reluctant, Stutler still undergoes Blake's crash course on the art and science of magic. Of course, what is a movie without some lovey-dovey scenes? Stutler not only has to save the city and also to get the girl that he loves aka Becky (by Teresa Palmer) and it takes all the courage that he has to survive the training.

(I paraphrase the above, okay? Didn't lift it from any website)

Though I'm not a fan of magic shows (it's all trickery and illusions, though Liu Xuan is cool shit), it will be fascinating to have magic powers. When I was younger (like a really really young girl), I always envision that someday, I will wake up and find that I have the power to move things (think Mathilda by Roald Dahl). If I was really a sorcerer's apprentice, I will use my powers to...

hmm, there's alot of things that I want to do actually...
hmm, decisions decisions (sounds familiar? it's by Jane from Eclipse)

OKAY! I've thought about a really immediate NEED that I WANT!
If I was a sorcerer's apprentice, I will use my powers to decrease the temperature in Singapore by at least 10 degrees, and let there be snow every December so that we can have a white christmas.
Outdoor aircon will be perfect in this crazy crazy weather (though today is really fine)!

In my opinion, this movie is really a must-watch! Check out the trailer here:

Catch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Movie starting from 22nd July 2010 and join the Walt Disney Studios Singapore official Facebook and Twitter page!


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