Monday, June 21, 2010

Yamagawa Japanese Restaurant: Dinner Buffet

After the Heinz Teambuilding session ended, I met gh and his prof kelvin at Raffles City taxi stand and he fetched us for dinner at Yamagawa, at The Furniture Mall. Melvin came on his own, and it was a miracle that he managed to find that place! It was sandwiched in between the Concourse and the Park Royal Hotel. Vineson was supposed to come as well, but he was sick and totally married to work.

*sigh* No more two year plans and stuff for him :p


It was a small and sort of cosy restaurant. There are private rooms, which has those traditional Japanese seating. Kelvin has been there for decades, so he knows all the staff super well!

Here's the dinner menu:

I think the selection is pretty small. Way smaller than Sakae Sushi, way more expensive as well. It is almost the same price as Kushingbo even! But I haven't been to Kushingbo before, so I can't compare. But quality of food is definitely much better than Sakae, considering those food items that I ate. It is also difficult to order if you are not a frequent at japanese restaurant, because it is in japanese and not all of the items had pictures!

California Handroll

California handroll with crispy salmon skin inside which gh loved. Good thing there wasn't the salmon smell in it, so I was quite fine with it too. I'm still more of the soft shell crab temaki person :D

Tuna, Yellow tail, Swordfish, Salmon

A plate of sashimi of so many different fish in which kelvin and melvin gobbled up, while gh ate some as well, though he doesn't really eat sashimi. Me and sashimi just don't go, because I don't like raw food. There is no reason to eat raw food when it can jolly well be cooked!

Here are the other food items that we ate:

Agedashi Tofu (Deep Fried Bean Curd)
Grilled Eel
Soft shell crab
 I forgot what is this, but it's nice, just that i can't stuff the whole thing inside my mouth, SUPER UNGLAM
I forgot what is this too, but, ewww to the face :s

We also played with Kelvin's iPad. He can totally become the iPad spokesperson. Every sentence was punctuated with a 'cool!' hahaha, it was quite funny. But there is no way that he can convert me to Apple. I'm strictly a non-apple person. The iPhone is a fad, a fad that will phase out soon. Other phone companies just need to have a better marketing team, and perhaps companies like Samsung will overthrow Apple.

GO SAMSUNG GALAXY S! I'm a strong supporter of Samsung phones, and I am going to change to Samsung Omnia Pro soon. Because I really cannot stand touchscreen phones, it decreases my SMS speed by 2 or 3 times! Me don't like! Of course I did think of changing to Blackberry as well, but it is really too expensive for me, and I cannot afford it. Hopefully, Samsung comes up with the Samsung Omnia Pro PINK soon. then I'll definitely stay loyal to Samsung forever.

Okay, I'm digressing...

Anyway, we played some games on the iPad. Notably, photo hunt, where we played until we filled up all the Top 10 spots! Well, of course right, there were 4 of us playing. gh was the highlight of the game. he kept spotting differences in cleavages. hmpf. Now you know where is the first place he stares at.

Men and boobs. Cannot understand their fasciation for it. And it is due to their fascination/fanatism for it that makes girls undergo plastic surgery and have to suffer public ridicule for that. I don't think there is much to ridicule about, I have also considered it before. Because sometimes, it does help in a boost of confidence, and you also look nicer when you wear certain clothes.

Men. that bunch of egoistic chromosome XY species with extra balls dangling out of their bodies. Hmpf. It's not like women stare at their crotch you know.

Okay, I'm digressing, yet again...

We also played some pipe game, in which I took 200 moves to solve it, oh man, so lousy! and we played Sudoku as well, and I realise how lousy I am at it. So, after that night, I've been playing Sudoku almost every night in which I switch on my laptop. Mini clips Sudoku! And I'm greatly improving! Soon, after I'm satisfied with my speed for Easy, I'll progress to Medium. I will not be beaten by this 9x9 number puzzle!

After all that playing, we had dessert. I had green tea icecream with red beans. But I don't eat the red beans so I gave it to gh. To think a few years back, I was really against green tea. But after knowing about the health benefits that it provides, I started to eat more and more green tea, and I'm loving it now :)


Overall, Yamagawa is a nice Japanese restaurant, away from those overly commercialised joints.

Yamagawa Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd
Address: 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza Block A #01-305 Singapore 199591 (The Furniture Mall)
Tel: 6299 1175
Opening Hours: Daily, Lunch 1130 - 230pm, Dinner 6pm to 10 pm

Ala Carte Buffet Dinner Prices:
Monday to Thursday: Adult $35++, Child $20++
Friday to Sunday, PH, Eve of PH: Adult $38++, Child $22++


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