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22nd Birthday Dinner - Tao's Restaurant

It has been way long overdued but gh finally brought me out to celebrate my birthday on 18 June. Actually my birthday is on 2nd June, but I've been so busy! So he brought me to Tao's Restaurant, located at PoMo, a restaurant in which his friend ww highly recommends. This is the first time I've stepped into PoMo ever since it was renovated (previously called Paradiz Centre).


Initially, I was confused by the restaurant. Based on the name, I'd have thought that it is a chinese restaurant. But upon looking at the menu, it seemed like a mix of Japanese and Western cuisine. So I thought it was kind of fusion. Well, according to their website, it serves "creative modern European and oriental cuisine". Sounds like a pretty apt description to me.


Here's their menu (got it from their website and updated it)
Lunch - 6 Course Set Meal ($19.80++ per person)
Dinner - 7 Course Set Meal ($29.80++ per person)

bacon & mushroom gratin - ordered

topshell salad with cold japese noodles - ordered
farm boy splendor
huai san
fruit salad
prawn roll with pork floss - ordered

* Grilled King Oyster Mushroom & Sorbet (only for dinner)

Japanese Fish Consomme - ordered
cream of mushroom - ordered
cream of pumpkin
shark-fin melon herbal soup
Yuzu Miso Soup

Main Entrees
tao's oven roasted steak
marinated lamb cutlet
spicy stingray - ordered
grilled snapper with japanese sauce
slow cooked pork back ribs
baked atlantic flounder with cheese - ordered
Crabmeat Aglio Olio
tao's grilled chicken jumbo leg
creme brule - ordered
yangsheng poached pear with red dates
green tea or yam ice-cream - ordered
Japanese green tea mousse
Brownie with Icecream

ice (hot) fruit tea
lavender tea
orange juice
ice tropical grapefruit tea
ice grassjelly mint tea - ordered
ice rose apple tea
ice summer peach tea - ordered
ice grape mallow tea

After much staring at the menu, we finally decided on each of our set menus and ordered. The guy who took our orders was pretty... funny. Before our meals arrived, we were given a shot glass filled with some orangey mixture.


It is actually like some appetizer, with a tinge of sourness so as to give us a better appetite - kai wei you get what i mean? It was nice, some mixture with lots of ice in it.

Almost zao geng, but good thing never eh!
The waiter volunteered to take photos for us. Quite nice eh? I like such waiters. Moreover he took it pretty nicely as well (hard to go wrong, i feel). But I think I'm having abit of makeup overdose lately, powder too light already! It is supposed to be nude shade.

Dish 1: Bacon & Mushroom Gratin


It was served with thick toast. So we put the gratin over the toast before eating it. It was really nice! I like such cheesy stuff.

Dish 2: Salads

Topshell Salad with Japanese Noodles
Prawn Roll with Pork Floss

I ate the prawn roll with pork floss and it was really nice! The pork floss was kind of the damp sort, but it didnt taste yucky. There was some sweet mango sauce, or perhaps it is plum sauce, in the prawn roll, and it was really nice! All the different tastes combined to something really wow.

Dish 3: Grilled King Oyster Mushroom & Sorbet


This was not bad as well, kinda pepperish, but it's okay for me. I didn't know that there were such big mushrooms. However, this does not justify for the $10 extra comparing the Set Lunch and Set Dinner. You mean this dish is worth $10?! I guess Set Lunch would have been much more worth it, I don't really want to pay $10 for mushroom (albeit it being king oyster mushroom).

Dish 4: Beverages


Our drinks came in little jugs with even little-er cups. It was very zen. For the grassjelly mint tea, they actually put in real mint leaves! It makes it seem really pure and authentic!

The mint leaves inside
gh slurping up his peach and chrysantenum

Dish 5: Soup

Japanese Fish Consomme
Cream of Mushroom
gh was so boring to try cream of mushroom! come to such an exotic restaurant, then should try something different what! I was quite stunned when mine was presented in a teapot format. It was pretty tiring to keep pouring and drinking - me wants a bowl! But it tasted not bad, kinda like miso soup though.

Dish 6: Main Entrees

Baked Atlantic Flounder with Cheese
Spicy Stingray
My turn to be boring, I just love stingray so it was quite obvious what I would have ordered. I was contemplating between that and Crabmeat Aglio Olio actually, but I was not sure whether is it fresh crabmeat or the crabstick sort of crabmeat (but probably not). Well so anyway, I chose stingray instead. It was kind of spicy, and more like steamed stingray with chilli. I prefer the barbequed type though, but it was still okay. gh's flounder was not bad too, I tried abit.

Digression: when I see the word flounder, I think of Ariel's flounder. gh just killed Little Mermaid's best fat friend!


Dish 7: Dessert

Green Tea Icecream
Creme Brule
boring gh yet again. green tea icecream is so common! The creme brule was not bad, but I think I'm more of a panacotta person. I like the melting in the mouth feeling, which creme brule doesn't give me!

Overall, I think it is a good place for lunch, but really not worth it for dinner. For dinner, I'd rather go for buffet with that money! But I guess it is the fine dining experience which you are paying for, though the outlook of the restaurant may not seem so.

1 Selegie Road PoMo
#B1-19 Singapore 188306

Tel: 6339 8858


(couldn't use for now, something is wrong with it, I'll update it again, since Google Maps is not even updated, still showing Paradiz Centre!)


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