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[ANTM Cycle 14 Episode 9]

ANTM is getting boring, don't you agree? In fact, though I am rooting for Raina, but I actually think all the contestants this season sucks. No one really stands out, nor is anyone really good at all! Though I'm rooting or Rana, I think Krista will probably win, that ostrich. Somehow she just reminds me of one. Especially after the Episode 7 picture.


So the episode started with how Alexandra does not want to make friends and that she wants to knock out the skinny bitches. Erm, just because she had second best photo last week, her ego is beginning to swell, and she is becoming a meanie! The girls head back to their apartment and saw Krista's no. 1 picture yet again on the tv as digital art. I can't stand it, her face looks like a cow to me in that picture. And I don't think it is that great at all! Angelea is jealous that Krista is doing so well, and she is no more chummy with her.

Jessica talks about how much she misses her family and that this is the first time she is away from them or smthg. Usually, this hints that she will either do well, or very badly. Judging from her performance thus far, well I think she will do badly and will be out this week.

Jessica went to heat up tacos on the toaster. One dropped into the toaster and it burst into flames!


she was totally hysterical and tried to put a towel over it to put out the fire. Then the girls were asking her to unplug it, then I think someone did it for her. Alexandra and Krista kept laughing at her. Krista asks Jessica if she is a stay-at-home mum and how come she can't cook. Then she makes a comment that Jessica's kid is very sad.


and of course Jessica was hopping mad! but she didn't attack Krista to her face. Not like what Anslee would have done.

Tyra mail: who says you can't fit a square peg into a round hole? Love, Tyra.

This whole episode kind of focused on Alexandra's and Krista' friendship, where they kept bitching together, and making fun of especially Jessica and Raina.


so the next day the girls headed to a LOTR movie landscape. Angelea has not seen LOTR before, so she had no either what is a hobbit.

Photoshoot challenge: Pose in the entrance of the hobbit doorway

Even though it is small and uncomfortable, but it should not show in the photo. The girls will only get 5 frames each. Everyone did okay, nothing fantastic. Jessica was too commercial yet again. The winner will receive $3,000 worth of clothings from World designs (some NZ brand).

And the winner is..... Krista (ugh).

because she was best photo last week, she is actually guaranteed a prize for this challenge already. So she wins an additional $1,500 worth of clothing. Angelea is totally pissed yet again, because she received pretty good comments as well, but still didn't manageto beat Krista.

Back in the house, it was a continuation of Alexandra and Krista bitching together. They were imitating and making fun of Angelea's crazy catwalk during panel last week. And they did it right in front of Angelea. I thought she will scream at them, but...well. amazingly she was tame. Maybe she realise that it is freaking stupid to do so.

Tyra mail: If you want to be a true top model, you have to shadow one. Love, Tyra

The episode again mentons about Jessica missing her family. It must be a really boring week, such that the producers have nothing more interestng to show. Perhaps because Alasia has left, there is one less bad bitch around. And Krista and Alexandra are shown again bitching about Raina, and Alexandra feels that she is fake.

At the photoshoot venue, they were told that they have to find the light amongst lots of shadows. And they learn that Tyra Banks was going to be their photographer, which made them pretty nervous. Jessica was especially nervous. The girls had to put different colours of clay into their hair, I don't get it at all. What's with the clay?!?

The photoshoot didn't go very well. I thought it was really boring. The shadow idea was quite cool, but there's no photo which really popped. Jessica struggled alot and Raina had a bad shoot for the first time.

and so, the results!


Krista - Best Photo for the 3rd week in a row!








OUT: Jessica

Well, I knew that Jessica will be out soon actually. But I can imagine that she will be getting lots of commercial modelling contracts anyway. Its not editorial, but oh well, who is going to reject MONEY?!


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