Saturday, April 24, 2010

[Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter]

after lunch at Kichn, gh and I headed to The Cathay (my favourite cinema, haven been there for some time) to watch The Bounty Hunter. gh has been wanting to watch it ever since he saw the trailer, because jennifer aniston was in it.

erm, I've never thought that Jennifer Aniston was hot. There are way more hot actresses/stars around! though i can't think of any at the moment. I'd think Marissa Miller, Heidi Klum, etc are way hotter, but then again, they are models, not actresses.

the movie was super boring right from the start, like couldn't it speed up? and it had so much lame humour in it that I just wanted to die watching it. I kept waiting for the movie to end! at least gh had jennifer aniston to watch and stare at, i had NOTHING TO SEE.

gerald butler is so not hot, and I think his character was really childish, something that I really hate in a guy.

the whole story was so fragmented. basically, Milo (Gerald Butler) is supposed to catch Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) because she skipped bail as she wanted to find out more information about a police officer's suicide case. However, the suicide turns out to be a murder, and someone wants Nicole dead as well, since she has been asking too many questions.

basically it was just chasing here and there, zero climax, lousy humour
Rating: 1/5

Only bother to catch it if you think that jennifer aniston is hot

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