Friday, April 30, 2010

[Lady Gaga, Dan Brown, and a whole lot of symbols]

Question: what's the latest news this week?

Answer: Lady Gaga's Leg Amputation (see article here)

when I saw it, my first thoughts were: IS SHE FREAKING CRAZY?!? then by the look of her, yes, I do think she is crazy and I wouldn't put it past her to do something like that. However, the picture looks super odd, especially her crotch area. Yes, she has admitted to being a hermaphrodite, but I do think that her record company will hide that if it is her look for a new album. So while everyone was spreading about it, all over facebook and saying how crazy she is, I was waiting for some article to clarify that this whole thing is a sick end-of-april joke.

and yup, here's the article: Lady GaGa Leg Amputation and Picture - What People Won't Do to Make a Point!

well, HAHA to people out there who really believed in it. and I'm glad it's really fake. No offense to disabled people, but I'd be horrified if I walk down Orchard Rd and I see crazy teenagers without an arm, leg, or head for FASHION, I'll just puke all the way from Far East Plaza to Plaza Singapura.

I was never a fan of Lady Gaga, I do like some of her songs because they are really catchy, but other than that, I think she is crazy and wish that she is off the spotlight. Not sure whether you all have read about The Vigilant Citizen's article last year regarding her occult symbols. It's all about illuminati and mind control. Maybe that is why everyone is OBSESSED with her. she is probably making use of symbols, complemented by her bizzare outfits to cover up for.... whatever. lack of sex appeal maybe.

Some links from The Vigilant Citizen:
Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet
Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet Part 2
Lady Gaga's Bad Romance - The Occult Meaning
The Hidden Meaning of Lady Gaga's Telephone

Well, I didn't know the Illuminati kind of represents mind control. I obviously do not know any of this illuminati/occult/symbols stuff, but...well, reading Dan Brown, I never knew that Illuminati represented mind control. He talks about how Illuminati is about Sciene, and how occult is not something satanic. It just appears satanic because the Church refuses to believe in it and because it is sort of 'banned' in a way due to the different beliefs, it is perceived to be satanic. Of course I know that Dan Brown writes fiction stories, but at the start of his novels, he do also write that all science, artefacts, etc. are facts.

It is kind of difficult to distinguish what is real and what is not. Is Lady Gaga really portraying herself as a mind controlled freak in her music videos, and showing how the music industry is controlling our minds? Is Dan Brown more accurate than The Vigilant Citizen?

well..... whatever. not going to affect my life anyway. I shall stick to my chinese pop songs for now :) and maybe get more up to date with korean pop as well!

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